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The Series ONYX Series Ultimate Fire Protection Expandable Backward Compatible ONYX Series of intelligent fire alarm control panels have the flexibility meet the needs of any size application ONYX Series panels are easily expanded NOTI FIRE NETTM NOTIFIER intelligent fire alarm network to keep pace with your protection needs What more ONYX Series panels and NOTI FIRE NET are completely compatible with existing NOTIFIER intelligent systems so you can add on or without having to replace existing devices Smoke Sensing Technology Intelligent Sensing is an advanced set of software algorithms that delivers a rapid response to incipient fire signatures while substantially reducing nuisance alarms sensors supply stability and very early warning capability where unique hazards and conditions exist that prohibit the use of traditional smoke detectors Multi Channel Digital Audio Digital Voice Command DVC NOTIFIER multi channel digital audio evacuation paging system features eight channels of industry leading quality audio five firefighter channels wire or fiber network options and can broadcast multiple distinct mes throughout your entire facility simultaneously to Use and Maintain Series panels feature full QWERTY keypads large 80 640 character LCD displays intuitive menu options making it easy for facility managers to perform routine system testing and basic programming functions such as enabling or disabling points if an intelligent device is ever damaged and needs replacement facility personnel can so quickly and easily without the need for specialty tools or programming software for Speed 1 SLC 318 intelligent points 159 detectors 159 modules 4 on board NACs Networkable NOTI FIRE NET standard or high speed 80 character LCD display QWERTY keypad BACNET IP and MODBUS IP compatible NFS 320 is engineered for small applications incorporating features that minimize installation time enable response times and simplify maintenance and usability The NFS 320 offers all the sophistication and performance synonymous with the ONYX Series It just does it on a smaller scale of Installation the NFS 320 auto program feature fire can be established in seconds Additional can be accomplished with the built in keypad or with the VeriFire tools program utility of Detection patented FlashScan protocol combined ONYX Intelligent Sensing featured in every Series panel exceeds worldwide code for response time and ensures a fast response to smoke and or heat conditions Facilities 1 SLC expandable to 2 636 intelligent points 159 detectors 159 modules per SLC 4 on board NACs Optional integrated digital voice evacuation DVC support Networkable NOTI FIRE NET standard or high speed 80 or 640 character LCD display with QWERTY keypad BACNET IP and MODBUS IP compatible NFS2 640 is ideal for mid size applications and easily expanded via NOTIFIER intelligent fire alarm NOTI FIRE NET to accommodate future building expansion to Your Needs NFS2 640 modular design maximizes flexibility allows customization to your specific fire protection And should those needs change in the future NFS2 640 can adapt with the addition or removal system modules to Your Environment ONYX Intelligent Sensing algorithms built into ONYX Series panel the NFS2 640 learns the in which the smoke sensors are installed NFS2 640 self optimizes each individual sensor thresholds to speed response times and mini if not eliminate nuisance alarms Centers Power Performance 1 SLC expandable to 10 Supports 3,180 intelligent points 159 detectors 159 modules per SLC Optional integrated digital voice evacuation Networkable NOTI FIRE NET standard or high speed 640 character LCD display with QWERTY keypad 1000 logic equations BACNET IP and MODBUS IP compatible NFS2 3030 with its impressive point capacity and powerful programming options is the complete solution large scale applications requiring superior performance true power of the NFS2 3030 lies in its modular The NFS2 3030 multiple annunciator options authorized users to view and control the system virtually anywhere in the facility NFS2 3030 supports over 3,000 intelligent on ten Signaling Line Circuits SLCs perfect protecting high rises large manufacturing plants multiple campus buildings with a single panel When protection is required the NFS2 3030 can be with additional panels using NOTI FIRE NET intelligent fire alarm network Rise Buildings Voice Command Emergency Eight channels of quality digital audio Five channels of firefighter telephones Expandable via NOTI FIRE NET standard or high speed Digital message format eliminates distortion and simplifies changes Up to 1000 message strings 32 minutes of message storage Digital Voice Command DVC is NOTIFIER multi channel digital audio evacuation and paging system use with the NFS2 640 NFS2 3030 and NCA 2 Message Clarity message storage to amplifier output the voice remains in a digital format to eliminate and deliver unequaled clarity Multiple Messages DVC features eight channels of industry leading audio five firefighter telephone channels wire fiber network options and can broadcast multiple messages throughout your entire facility With ONYX DVC building occupants receive clear concise voice instructions pertaining their location and proximity to the emergency Facilities and Fiber optic multi mode wire or combination wire fiber communications path NFPA Style 4 or Style 7 network operation High speed data communications 312,500 BPS faster than competitive networks Multiple Network Control Annunciators NCA or Network Control Workstations be placed anywhere on the network Node failure does not affect any other nodes communications Speed NOTI FIRE NETTM compatible with all ONYX Series Fire Alarm Control Panels Increased network communication speeds to 12Mb for Wire and 100Mb Multi Mode and Single Mode Fiber Increased network node capacity to 200 nodes for large applications Two node addresses per network card NOTI FIRE NET intelligent fire alarm network links multiple NOTIFIER intelligent fire alarm control panels as one Each fire alarm panel on NOTI FIRE NET maintains individual programming and continues operate independently yet cohesively as part of a unified network and Forward is backward compatible with existing intelligent fire alarm systems so you upgrade your current system without having replace existing equipment Display and Control Annunciators NCAs can be distributed on the network to provide quick access fire alarm status information event locations network wide control functions such as Silence and Reset Command Control Operates on local or wide area networks 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo processor with 3.2GB of RAM Two 160 hard drives one master and one redundant drive 19 wide screen LCD monitor or 19 touch screen monitor Operates on Microsoft Windows XP Professional Windows 7 Rack mountable PC Supports paging for Emergency Communications NOTIFY IP Supports email notification is a single point of control workstation that integrates NOTIFIER systems with other security card and CCTV systems as well as competitors fire alarm control panels over a single network with Competitors interfaces with other manufacturer fire panels making it ideal for retrofit upgrade and applications Systems One the intuitive ONYXWorks interface you can view a floor plan with interactive fire security CCTV card access device icons ONYXWorks uses a com reporting format and includes clear concise on what actions must be taken for both fire non fire events

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