Notifier ONYX Series Panel Comparison Guide

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The ONYX Series Series Comparison Ultimate Fire Protection Headquarters Clintonville Road Northford CT 06472 203 484 7161 f 203 484 7118 Panel Comparison character display with NCA 2 direct connect the AMPS 24 power supply optional field power supply FCPS 24S6 S8 or ACPS 2406 CRT option use LCD 160 ACS port 1 RDP port or 640 character display required Display Size LCD Characters Loops maximum supported Addressable Detectors per SLC Loop Addressable Modules per SLC Loop and CLIP Device Protocol Loop Isolation Maximum Length with Recommended Wire SLC Style Wiring NFPA Power usable in Amps NAC Circuits Circuit Sync with System Sensor Gentex Wheelock Alarm Trouble Security Supervisory Relays Printer CRT Ports ACS Annunciator Terminal Ports Network Capable Digital Audio Support Programming Function Panel Programming Tools Offline Programming Tools Programming via USB Programmable EEPROMs History Capacity Alarm Only Software Zones Software Zones Software Zones Software Zones Software Zones Zones per Device Defined CBE Equations Custom Grouping and Zone Annunciation Alarm Point Annunciation OOVVEERRVVIIEEWW Series and LCD 80TM Series or 7 6 or 7 6 or 7 mode only

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