Notifier Phoenix Union High School District - Aspiration Detection

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CASE STUDY always program the system to specific things in buildings security guards have do this and we can always tell how to push the ONE button need to use Carrier LVC Supervisor General Foreman study aspiration detection 2018 Union High District PUHSD AZ The Phoenix Union High School District PUHSD of the largest school districts in the US consists 20 schools housing 30,000 students and employees determined it needed a comprehensive upgrade the district fire safety systems Brian Gould of LVC authorized NOTIFIER Engineered Systems Distributor in Phoenix was selected to design and install a system for Maryvale High School MSH If proven it would be extended to the remaining nineteen within PUHSD Identify a comprehensive and scalable fire system with centralized intelligence that networks hundreds of buildings with non invasive installation cost effective maintenance Network scalability over hundreds buildings with centralized intelligence Systems that would not be affected extreme weather patterns lightning Fire safety system that does not require for access or invasive maintenance Reduced installation and maintenance for lower cost of ownership for challenging structures Networked across 220 acres of school with single point of control Programmable as standardized process simple push and reset buttons Requires minimal operator training to ease of use are really pleased this new fire alarm Every building is the same it is easier to maintain train new hires on makes it easier to take the actions and fast It a very professional Collins Technician PUHSD the 10 building Maryvale High LVC chose the NOTIFIER Series integrated with aspirating smoke detection sampling detection allows for highly early detection of fire or gas through ultrasonic sensing advanced detection algorithms can differentiate between smoke interference and object interference interference triggers alarms solid object interference triggers This simple distinction allows managers to coordinate actions sampling detectors are ideal for that are prone to damage heavy installation or maintenance To address MHS concerns their newly refinished gym floors replaced existing old smoke with air sampling detectors eliminate use of heavy lifts School also noted that flying basketballs damaged current smoke Air sampling detectors virtually invisible easy to install maintain This greatly reduced cost service and total cost of ownership PUHSD LVC replaced twelve smoke with just two air sampling saving PUHSD 65 installation costs Clintonville Road CT 06472 installed a NOTIFIER ONYXWorks at the control center networked nine 9 NFS2 3030 fire alarm panels to integrate all 10 school Nine 9 Digital Voice DVCs were added for audio command at each This combination offered the comprehensive solution that could controlled at a central location easy to read visual display 24 programmable buttons for actions When programmed an expert ESD it allows for intuitive button operations even for trained individuals Issues are identified located and managed fast action for maximum fire networked all products using fiber to prevent damage or system from frequent desert lightning sophisticated installation LVC a comprehensive fire security across a large number of that is easy to oversee and effective to maintain PUHSD rolled the pilot MHS installation to the schools within the district NOTIFIER by Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved use of this document is strictly prohibited Rev 01 2018 11 14

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