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Self Test Series Self Testing Addressable Detectors breakthrough NOTIFIER Self Test Series intelligent plug in detectors are designed for performance ease of use and When used with the NOTIFIER INSPIRE Series N16 and initiated through an app the Self Test Series detectors perform maintenance tests of smoke and heat detec without using canned smoke or heat guns The Self Test pro meets the three core NFPA requirements for detector functional test smoke entry test and ability to verify a inspection has taken place It is the first detector of its type to approved by UL It also retains the great features of the standard series including the enhanced optical sensing chamber which is to sense smoke produced by a wide range of combus sources in accordance with more stringent code standards ease its sensitivity can also be programmed in the control panel Sensitivity is continuously monitored and reported to the for selective maintenance when chamber contamination an unacceptable level electronic thermistors add 135 57 fixed temperature sensing on the FSP 951T SELFT The FST 951 SELFT temperature sensor can be programmed as either a 135 temperature sensor a rate of rise and 135 fixed temperature or a 190 high temperature sensor through the Fire Alarm Panel FACP ID capability allows each detector address to be set with decimal address switches providing exact detector location NOTIFIER Self Test series detectors are available for our applications and latches in alarm small amounts of smoke and heat into the chamber to both sensors LED when the unit is polled communicating with the fire LED on when unit is performing Self Test Low standby current Sealed against back pressure SEMS screws for wiring of the separate base Designed for direct surface or electrical box mounting Plugs into separate base for ease of installation and maintenance Optional relay isolator and sounder bases Self Test Series plug in intelligent smoke detectors use a base to simplify installation service and maintenance instructions are shipped with each detector detector base all base types on an electrical backbox which at least 1.5 3.81 cm deep For a chart of compatible junction see DN 60054 Because of the inherent supervision provided by the SLC loop resistors are not required Wiring or branches are for Class wiring only using relay or sounder bases consult the ISO X ISO XA manuals device limitations between isolator modules and isolator bases detectors are constructed of plastic Self Test Series plug in intelligent smoke detectors are to commercial standards and offer an attractive appear 10 26 2021 Page 1 of 3 Automatically tests if the photo sensor smoke entry points are by the dust cover Verifies that the technician has completed the visual inspection its built in beacon and the self test app Tests detectors across multiple loops and panels concurrently Listed to UL 268 7th edition and or UL 521 LOOP Two wire SLC loop connection Unit uses base for wiring Compatible with FlashScan protocol systems Stable communication technique with noise immunity Addressable by device Rotary decimal addressing to the NOTIFIER panel manuals for device capacity Sleek low profile stylish design Unique single source design to respond quickly and dependably a broad range of fires communications and built in device type identification Tamper resistance option provided by bases Remote test feature from the panel Built in functional test switch activated by external magnet Removable cover and insect resistant screen for simple field KITS AND ACCESSORIES White replacement flange for B300 6 series bases Remote LED annunciator 3 32 VDC Mounts to a U S sin electrical box For use with B501 and B300 6 series bases Test magnet Test magnet with telescoping handle NOTIFIER Self Test Series detector uses one of the panel on the NOTIFIER Signaling Line Circuit SLC The responds to regular polls from the control panel and reports type and the status If it receives a test command from the panel a local magnet test it stimulates its electronics and reports an It blinks its LEDs when polled and turns the LEDs on when by the panel The NOTIFIER Self Test Series offers an breakthrough with its UL approved Self Test feature as well great fire detection performance that represent the latest in detector technology Line Information White low profile intelligent self testing photoelec sensor FlashScan only White same as FSP 951 but includes a built in 57 fixed temperature thermal device FlashScan only White low profile intelligent self testing program thermal sensor FlashScan only BASES For details on intelligent bases see DN 60054 White 6 base standard flanged low profile mounting base 7300 1653 0109 Bulk pack of B300 6 package contains 10 White 4 standard European flangeless mounting UL listed CSFM 7300 1653 0109 Bulk pack of B501 WHITE contains 10 White relay base CSFM 7300 1653 0216 White isolator detector base CSFM 7300 1653 0216 White Intelligent addressable sounder base capable of sound output in high or low volume with ANSI Temporal 3 Temporal 4 continuous tone marching tone and custom tone FlashScan protocol CSFM 7300 1653 0213 White Low Frequency Intelligent programmable base Produces a fundamental frequency of 520 Hz 10 a square wave or its equivalent designed to meet the NFPA 72 space requirement CSFM 7300 1653 0238 Page 2 of 3 DN 62046 B 10 26 2021 SPECIFICATIONS range 15 32 volts DC peak current max avg 200 24 VDC one communica every 5 seconds with LED enabled current 4.5 mA 24 VDC If Self Test Smoke Detectors are installed on a SLM 318 loop CLP 2PCB the maximum permissible long line resistance drops 35 ohms initial release of SLM 318 drops to 23 ohms CLP PCB SPECIFICATIONS UL Applications UL268 7th edition FSP 951 SELFT FSP 951T SELFT UL521 FSP 951T SELFT FST 951 SELFT and Approvals file number s below reference the specific listings for the mod in this document In some cases certain modules or applica may not be listed by certain approval agencies or listing may in process Consult factory for latest listing status UL Listed S1115 FM Approved FSP 951 SELFT FSP 951T SELFT CSFM 7270 0028 0502 7272 0028 0503 FSP 951T SELFT Open Area 2.86 5.0 FT obscuration Special Application 0.5 2.86 FT obscuration 2.0 51mm high base determines diameter B300 6 series 6.1 15.6 cm diameter B501 series 4 10.2 cm diameter a complete list of detector bases see DN 60054 weight 3.4 oz 95 g temperature range FSP 951 SELFT 32 to 122 0 to 50 FSP 951T SELFT 32 to 115 to 47 FST 951 SELFT Set for fixed temperature or rate of rise ROR to 100 to 38 Set for high heat to 150 to 66 Listed Velocity Range 0 4000 ft min 1219.2 m min Velocity with Self Test process in operation 0 300 ft min 91.4 m min humidity 10 93 non condensing ratings fixed temperature set point 135 57 rate of detection 15 8.3 per minute high temperature heat 190 Operation The Self Test feature offers up to 150 tests reaching an end of life To ensure the operation of the Self Test feature a detec installed o

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