Notifier Spartan-25 (NSP-25 E) Addressable FACP With Built-in Communicator

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Spartan 25 NSP 25 E FACP Built in Communicator NOTIFIER Spartan 25 NSP 25 NSP 25E is a 25 point Fire Alarm Control Panel FACP with built in Dig Alarm Communicator Transmitter DACT This control supports up to 25 addressable devices in any combina of detectors and modules With simple programming on standard wire and features such as drift compen and maintenance alert the Spartan 25 is a preferred to conventional control panels in both new and ret applications JumpStart or auto learn feature and easy to set code addressing of Honeywell Fire Systems detectors and enable the system to be configured for fire protection a programming utility The default programming can be using the panels embedded web server integral DACT transmits system status alarms troubles etc to a remote monitoring location via the switched telephone network Reporting formats are con ID SIA 8 or SIA 20 Unless otherwise specified the term Spartan 25 is in this data sheet to refer to the Spartan 25 and the Spar For details on the Canadian version see DN 60640 ETL listed to ANSI UL 864 9th Edition Standard Listed to UL Standard 864 Ninth edition JumpStart auto learn feature reduces installation time makes programming easy Built in digital communicator Two programmable Style Y Class B notification appliance NACs Selectable strobe synchronization for System Sensor Wheelock or AMSECO devices Two programmable Form C relays and one Form C trouble Automatic detector sensitivity testing NFPA 72 compliant Drift compensation Alarm verification per zone of detectors Walk test Maintenance alert region Uses standard wire unshielded or twisted pair Custom programming performed control built in browser no programming software is Fire Zones Communication Single addressable SLC loop which meets NFPA Style 4 B requirements 25 addressable device capacity any combination of detectors and modules Compatible with Honeywell Fire Systems detectors and Fire Alarm Control Panels Appliance Circuits NACS Two independently programmable output circuits Circuits be configured for the following outputs Style Y Class B Door Holder Service cannot be used for notification Aux Power Source cannot be used for notification appli Silence Inhibit and Auto silence timer options Continuous or Temporal code Selectable strobe synchronization per NAC Up to 2.0 A total output power 1.0 A for auxiliary power and holder Each circuit can source up to the total system 2.0 A and Software Auto learn feature for easy programming Custom programming can be performed through control installation time built in browser 08 19 2010 Page 1 of 4 Interface INDICATORS AC Power green Fire Alarm red Supervisory yellow Alarm Silenced yellow System Trouble yellow Disabled yellow Low Battery Fault yellow Ground Fault yellow Walk Test yellow CONTROLS Acknowledge Silence Drill System Reset lamp test Disable per zone Disable per NAC JumpStart Line Information 25 point addressable fire alarm control panel main circuit board chassis backbox and door Black VAC Same as NSP 25 but operates from 220 240 VAC Same as NSP 25 but listed for Canadian applica For details on the Canadian version see DN 60640 FIRE SYSTEMS DEVICES Honeywell Fire Systems addressable photoelectric detector Includes base Honeywell Fire Systems addressable photoelectric detector with thermal sensor Includes base Station Duct Smoke Module Module Strobes Horns and NACs 2 of 4 DN 60609 B1 08 19 2010 Honeywell Fire Systems addressable fixed tempera heat detector Includes base Honeywell Fire Systems addressable Mini Monitor for normally open contact devices Honeywell Fire Systems addressable relay module Honeywell Fire Systems addressable photoelectric smoke detector Includes detector Addressable dual action manual pull station Battery backbox holds up to two 25 AH batteries and Battery box houses two 55 AH batteries Battery charger for lead acid batteries with a rating 25 to 75 AH Remote battery charging system for lead acid bat with a rating of 55 to 120 AH Requires additional NFS for mounting Series Batteries See data sheet DN 6933 City Box Transmitter Module DACT Phone Cord 2 required Requirements shielded wire is not required it is recommended that all wiring be twisted pair to minimize the effects of electrical Refer to the panel manual for wiring details 08 19 2010 Page 3 of 4 SPECIFICATIONS Capacity Signalling Line Circuits 1 Addressable device capacity 25 Programmable software zones 5 Specifications AC Power NSP 25 120 VAC 60 Hz 1.5 A NSP 25E 230 50 60 Hz 0.75 A AC wire size is minimum 14 AWG mm with 600 V insulation Nonpower limited super Battery Charging capacity 7 33 AH 18 AH for ULC appli NSP 25 cabinet holds maximum of two 7 AH bat Larger batteries require a separate battery cabinet as the BB 26 or NFS LBB Communication Loop Supervised and power limited Notification Appliance Circuits Terminal Strip provides connections for two NACs Style Y B Maximum signaling current 2.0 A End of Line Resistor 4.7 kOhm watt P N 71252 UL for Style Y Class B NAC Refer to the NSP 25 for listed compatible devices Standby Current 135 mA Alarm Current 220 mA Aux Power Circuits 1.0A 24 VDC per circuit power Two Programmable Relays and One Fixed Trouble Contact rating 2.5 A 24 VDC resistive Form C relays nonpower limited nonsupervised Specifications Dimensions 15.2 H 38.42 cm x 12.75 W 32.39 cm x D 8.57 cm Weight 11.5 lbs 5.2 kg Color Black and Humidity Ranges system meets NFPA requirements for operation at 0 120 and at a relative humidity 93 2 RH at 32 2 90 3 However the life of the system s standby batteries and the electronic may be adversely affected by extreme tempera ranges and humidity Therefore it is recommended that system and its peripherals be installed in an environment a normal room temperature of 15 27 80 Listings and Approvals listings and approvals below apply to the basic NSP 25 E panel In some cases certain modules may not be by certain approval agencies or listing may be in pro Consult factory for latest listing status UL Listed S635 ETL listed Report 3189837NYM 001a CSFM 7165 0028 0263 the ULC listed version see DN 60640 Standards NSP 25 E complies with the following NFPA 72 Fire Systems requirements LOCAL Automatic Manual Waterflow and Sprinkler REMOTE STATION Automatic Manual

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