Notifier SS24ADAS Synchronized Strobe, MASS24ADAS Synchronized Horn Strobe, with Sync-Circuit

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A Pittway Company System Sensor SS24ADAS Series Synchronized are crystal controlled to flash at precisely one flash second When power is applied to an indicating circuit by one controller all SS24ADAS or series devices in that zone will flash simul No synchronizing modules or coded supplies necessary The strobes can be used in any combina with other System Sensor ADA strobes ADA horn and ADA speaker strobes unique lens reflector design maintains the UL 1971 dispersement pattern while flashing at the ADA mini 1 flash per second Available in red at 24 VDC the strobes can be surface mounted directly to a 4 101.6 mm backbox or can be mounted to our plate for recessed electrical boxes They are available in combination with System Sensor cid 146 s Multi MA 12 24D horn for both visible and audible sig Works on two wire circuit No synchronization module required Synchronized and unsynchronized strobes can be on the same zone in any combination Patent pending Sync cid 149 Circuit cid 153 24 VDC versions only for synchronization 15 and 15 75 candela versions available Available with Multi Alert Sounder MA 12 24D Constant current draw over voltage range Stand alone strobe mounts to single gang box with SF ADA compliant UL 1971 listed cid 147 Installer easy cid 148 plug in terminal strip on stand alone Strobe flashes are synchronized within individual zones reduce the risk of seizure for people with photo epilepsy Series SS24ADAS strobes are suitable for primary sig in public mode life safety applications The strobes be connected to the alarm indicating circuit of a UL fire alarm control panel They are compatible with line supervision Panels may have full wave rectified power supplies The strobes are available for 24 operation and can be used with the System Sensor horn Stand alone strobe versions incorpo these cid 147 installer easy cid 148 features plug in terminal strip guide and strip gauge on back Semiflush mount 15 1998 Synchronized Strobe Synchronized with Sync cid 149 Circuit cid 153 Audio Visual Appliances Fire is available with the addition of an MP SF accessory When installed in a zone the SS24ADAS and Series devices flash simultaneously NOTE SS24ADAS and MASS24ADAS Series operating in the same zone will not be synchronized if at different times i e if more than one controller is the same zone terminals 12 AWG 3.25 mm to 18 AWG 0.75 weight SS or SS ADA Series Strobes 5 oz g MASS Series Horn Strobes 10.4 oz g temperature range 32 cid 176 F to 120 cid 176 F 0 cid 176 C to Surface 4 101.6 mm x 4 101.6 mm x 38.1 mm standard backbox 2 1 8 53.975 mm recommended Semiflush 4 101.6 mm x 4 mm x 1 1 2 38.1 mm standard backbox 2 1 8 mm deep recommended with MP SF semiflush plate order separately see illustrations on next page document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep our information up to date and accurate We cannot cover all specific applications or all requirements All specifications are subject to change without notice For information contact NOTIFIER Phone 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 Clintonville Road Northford Connecticut 06472 and Manufacturing System Certified to Standard ISO 9001 in the U S A cid 151 Page 1 of 4 Series ADA Series ADA RATINGS STROBE ONLY additional information see installation instructions document D900 06 00 LIGHT DISTRIBUTION polar light distribution in both horizontal and vertical directions is mandated for the strobes by the Standard UL 1971 the Hearing Impaired with specific minimum intensity percentages as shown in the graphs above SPECIFICATIONS shall be a System Sensor Model listed to Standard UL 1971 for the Hearing Impaired and shall be for Fire Protective Service Strobe shall be wired as a Primary Signaling Notification appliance Strobe shall comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for visible signaling appliances Strobe shall operate 24 VDC from a regulated DC supply or full wave rectified unfiltered supply The signaling strobe shall be powered a non coded power supply when powered with the horn or powered independently Visual signaling devices are to installed in all non sleeping corridor and sleeping areas 110 cd only per plans and specifications The strobe light consist of a xenon flash tube and associated lens reflector system Each strobe shall be designed for one flash per over all operating conditions All strobes shall be capable of mounting to a standard 4 101.6 mm x 4 x 1 1 2 mm backbox in either a surface mount or semiflush mount with separate mounting plate Strobe shall flash with other SS24ADAS and MASS24ADAS Series devices in the same zone for a minimum of 15 minutes SS24ADAS and MASS24ADAS Series devices operating in the same zone will not be synchronized if energized at different i e if more than one controller is controlling the same zone 2 of 4 cid 151 DN 5505 FOR Jumpers in the screw pack be installed as shown for operation Only Strobe Strobe Semiflush Mount Mount cid 151 Page 3 of 4 OUTPUT SELECTION GUIDE 1 See tone selection diagram below for tab clip removal and storage 2 This selection was previously identified as cid 147 Bell This tone may be used for private or public mode in the fire alarm service when used with a 24 volt panel 3 All models can powered using full wave rectified unfiltered supplies Under no circumstances can SS24ADAS or MASS24ADAS series devices voltage exceed 33 VDC or be less than 16 VDC 18 to 33 VRMS for full wave rectified unfiltered supplies 4 Measured at 10 3.048 m in an anechoic chamber For average outputs the acoustical output shall meet the current requirements of UL Standard 5 Measured in a UL reverberant room SOUNDER SELECTION STORING UNUSED CLIPS COVER BACK TO ALIGN SLOT WITH CLIP STORAGE POST TO ORDER Strobe 15 cd UL 1971 Strobe 15 cd UL 1971 75 cd ADA volt Signal Strobe MultiAlert Sounder Strobe

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