Notifier Wheelock HS4 HS Series Single & Multi Candela Horn Strobe & Horn Appliance

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GENERAL Wheelock Series HS4 Horn Strobe and HS Horn are an ideal choice for retrofit applications as as new installations They satisfy virtually all for indoor wall mount applications Series HS Horn and the horn portion of the Series HS4 a selectable continuous horn tone or temporal Code 3 with three selectable dBA settings for each options include 1575cd or Wheelock patented Multi Candela strobe with field selectable candela of 15 30 75 110cd or the high intensity MCWH with field selectable 135 185cd Series HS4 horn and strobe inputs are electrically to allow for independent operation of the strobe and the horn circuit The horn and strobe may also wired in parallel to operate on a single circuit versatile Horn and Horn Strobe Appliances may be when used in conjunction with the Wheelock or DSM Sync Modules or with a power supply with the Wheelock Sync Protocol models are designed for maximum performance and cost effectiveness while meeting or exceeding latest requirements of NFPA 72 ANSI 117.1 UFC and Standards 1971 and 464 as well as meeting ADA concerning photosensitive epilepsy Selectable Candela Settings 15 30 75 110cd or Multi Candela models or 1575cd single model Continuous Horn or Temporal Code 3 Selectable dBA settings of 90 95 99 dBA in both tones Horn Strobe Appliance allows for separate of the horn and strobe circuits compliant with OSHA 29 Part 1910.165 VDC models with 16 to 33 VDC UL using filtered DC or unfiltered VRMS input Wall mount flush to standard 4 inch square or boxes or surface mount to IOB backbox with Wheelock SM DSM Sync Module or a Supply with the built in Wheelock sync protocol installation with IN OUT screw terminals using to 18 AWG wires 30 2004 J 135 Series Single Multi Candela Strobe Horn Appliance Audio Visual Devices 5946 State Marshal HS4 HS Indicator of Strobe Lens NOTES are designed to flash at 1 flash per second over their Voltage Range Note that specifies a flash rate of 1 to 2 flashes per second ADA Guidelines specify a flash rate of 1 to 3 flashes second candela ratings represent minimum effective Strobe based on UL Standard 1971 HS4 Strobe products are listed under UL Standard for indoor use with a temperature range of 32 to 0 to 49 and maximum humidity of 93 2 HS horns are listed under UL Standard 464 for signal appliances Indoor use only Voltage Range is the newest terminol used by UL to identify the voltage range Prior this change UL used the terminology Range is a Honeywell company document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep our product up to date and accurate We cannot cover all specific applications or anticipate all All specifications are subject change without notice more information contact NOTIFIER Phone 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 Clintonville Road Northford Connecticut 06472 03 30 04 Page 1 of 4 All CAUTIONS and WARNINGS are identified by the symbol All warnings are printed in bold capital letters PLEASE READ THESE SPECIFICATIONS AND ASSOCIATED INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CARE BEFORE USING SPECIFYING OR APPLYING THIS PRODUCT FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ANY OF THESE INSTRUCTIONS OR WARNINGS COULD RESULT IN IMPROPER APPLICATION INSTALLATION AND OR OPERATION OF THESE IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION WHICH COULD RESULT IN PROPERTY DAMAGE AND SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH YOU AND OR OTHERS Average RMS Current is per UL average RMS method and Average Mean Current is per UL average mean method HS HS4 audible rating average mean current For rate In Rush and Peak current across the UL listed voltage range for both filtered DC and unfiltered VRMS see installation instructions For Total Current Draw of Series HS4 Multi Candela or 15 75cd add the audible and strobe Current Draws from Table 3 MODELS POWER SUPPLY ODEL BER UT 24 VDC EAN OUNTING TIONS Sync Module is rated for 3.0 amperes 24 VDC Sync Module is rated for 3.0 amperes per circuit The maximum of interconnected DSM modules is twenty 20 Refer to Data S3000 or Installation Instructions P83123 for SM and P83177 for 2 of 4 DN 6976 03 30 04 WARNING CONTACT WHEELOCK FOR THE CURRENT INSTRUCTIONS and INFORMATION P82380 ON THESE PRODUCTS THESE DOCUMENTS UNDERGO PERIODIC CHANGES IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU CURRENT INFORMATION ON THESE PRODUCTS THESE MATERIALS CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION THAT BE READ PRIOR TO SPECIFYING OR INSTALLING THESE PRODUCTS INCLUDING CURRENT REQUIRED BY ALL APPLIANCES CONNECTED TO SYSTEM SECONDARY POWER SOURCES RATINGS ON NOTIFICATION APPLIANCE CIRCUITS TO HANDLE PEAK CURRENTS FROM ALL APPLIANCES ON CIRCUITS FLASH RATE FROM MULTIPLE STROBES WITHIN A PERSON FIELD OF VIEW REPLACING OR CHANGING APPLIANCES OR CHANGING CANDELA SETTINGS WILL AFFECT CURRENT DRAW CURRENT DRAW TO INSURE THAT THE TOTAL AVERAGE CURRENT AND TOTAL PEAK REQUIRED BY ALL DO NOT EXCEED THE RATED CAPACITY OF THE POWER SOURCES OR FUSES VOLTAGE APPLIED TO THESE PRODUCTS MUST BE WITHIN THEIR VOLTAGE RANGE OF 110 CANDELA STROBE PRODUCTS IN SLEEPING AREAS IN OFFICE AREAS AND OTHER SPECIFICATION AND INSTALLATION ISSUES APPLIANCES ARE NOT DESIGNED TO BE USED ON CODED SYSTEMS IN WHICH THE APPLIED VOLTAGE IS CYCLED AND OFF TO COMPLY WITH THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS OR GENERAL INFORMATION SHEETS COULD RESULT IN INSTALLATION APPLICATION AND OR OPERATION OF THESE PRODUCTS IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION COULD RESULT IN PROPERTY DAMAGE AND SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH TO YOU AND OR OTHERS SIZE AWG LENGTH AND AMPACITY SHOULD BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION PRIOR TO DESIGN AND OF THESE PRODUCTS PARTICULARLY IN RETROFIT INSTALLATIONS DIAGRAMS or HS APPLIANCES SYNCHRONIZED WITH SM SINGLE CLASS NAC CIRCUIT WITH SILENCE FEATURE OR HS APPLIANCES SYNCHRONIZED WITH DSM MODULE CLASS CIRCUITS Audible and Strobe wired in parallel O U T2 IN 2 IN U S 2 TR O B E S IG N A L IR C U IT 2 S M Y N C Y N C U T1 1 IN U S 1 TR O BE S IG N AL IR C U IT 1 P P LIA N C E N E X T A P P LIA N C E R E O LR N E X T A P P LIA N C E R E O LR P P LIA N C E and Strobe on separate circuits AND HS APPLIANCES SYNCHRONIZED WITH DSM DUAL CLASS

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