Notifier Wheelock RSS & RSSP Series Single- and Multi-Candela Strobes and Strobe Plates

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Wheelock RSS RSSP Series and Multi Candela and Strobe Plates patented Series RSS Strobe Appliances and RSSP Strobe Plates have lower current draw while outstanding performance reliability and cost effec These versatile appliances will satisfy virtually all for indoor wall or ceiling mount appliances options for wall mount models include 15 75cd or patented MCW multi candela strobe with field candela settings of 15 30 75 110cd Ceiling mount include the patented MCC multi candela ceiling strobe field selectable intensities of 15 30 75 95cd or the high MCCH strobe with field selectable 115 177cd models may be synchronized when used in conjunction the Wheelock SM or DSM Sync Modules or a power sup with Wheelock patented Sync Protocol Synchronized can eliminate possible restrictions on the number of in the field of view Wheelock synchronized strobes an easy way to comply with ADA recommendations con photosensitive epilepsy as well as meetings the of NFPA 72 Series RSS Strobes employ a Patented Integral Mounting Plate that can be mounted to a single gang gang 4 square 100mm European backboxes or the surface backbox If the flush backbox has side or top between it and the finished wall the NATP Notification Trimplate may be used It provides an additional of trim for the appliance An attractive cover plate is pro for a clean finished appearance on all models Series RSSP Multi Candela Strobe Plates are a cost way to retrofit required wall strobe appliances to bells chimes multitones or speakers and easily mounts to 4 backboxes or for surface mount use with Whee SBL2 surface backbox Wall mount multi candela models are available with field candela settings of 15 30 75 110cd or 135 Single candela models are available in 15 75cd Ceiling mount multi candela models are available with field candela settings of 15 30 75 95cd or 115 177cd Strobes produce 1 flash per second over the regulated volt range 12 and 24 VDC models with wide UL Voltage filtered DC or unfiltered VRMS input voltage Synchronize with Wheelock SM or DSM Sync Modules or supplies with built in Sync Protocol ADA NFPA UFC ANSI compliant Meets OSHA 29 Part Notes RSS RSSP Series strobe products are listed under UL for indoor use with a temperature range of 32 to 0 to 49 and maximum humidity of 93 2 Voltage Range is the newest terminology used UL to identify the voltage range Prior to this change UL the terminology Voltage Range J 120 Devices RSS Round of strobe lens RSSP WARNING PLEASE READ THESE AND ASSOCIATED INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY USING SPECIFYING OR APPLYING PRODUCT FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH OF THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS AND WARNINGS COULD RESULT IMPROPER APPLICATION INSTALLATION OPERATION OF THESE PRODUCTS AN EMERGENCY SITUATION WHICH RESULT IN PROPERTY DAMAGE AND INJURY OR DEATH TO YOU AND OR Due to continuous development of our products specifica and offering are subject to change without notice in accor with Wheelock Inc standard terms and conditions 1 Audibles Speakers for RSSP Strobe Plate Appliances Bells MT NH HS E70 ET70 12 8 09 Page 1 of 6 2 Average RMS Current VDC max VDC max Mount Diagrams Wall Mount Mount 30cd 75cd 110cd 135cd 185cd 15cd 30cd 75cd 95cd 115cd 177cd RMS current ratings are per UL average RMS method UL max current rating is the maximum current within the listed voltage range 16 33V for 24V units For strobes the UL max current usually at the minimum listed voltage 16V for 24V units For audibles the max current is usually the listed voltage 33V for 24V units For unfiltered FWR ratings see installation instructions Device Assembly Audible and Visible operating in unison Assembly Audible and Visible operating independently 2 of 6 DN 5765 A1 12 8 09 Diagrams continued with DSM module single Class NAC circuit Devices with SM module single Class NAC circuit Devices Devices with multiple DSM modules INTERCONNECTING WIRING SHOWN MAXIMUM OF 20 DSM MODULES details on using the SM or DSM Sync Modules see installation instructions P83123 for SM or P83177 for DSM 12 8 09 Page 3 of 6 WARNING CONTACT WHEELOCK FOR THE CURRENT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS AND GENERAL SHEET P82380 ON THESE PRODUCTS THESE DOCUMENTS UNDERGO PERIODIC IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAVE CURRENT INFORMATION ON THE PRODUCTS THESE CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION THAT SHOULD BE READ PRIOR TO SPECIFYING OR THESE PRODUCTS INCLUDING TOTAL CURRENT REQUIRED BY ALL APPLIANCES CONNECTED TO SYSTEM SECONDARY SOURCES FUSE RATINGS ON NOTIFICATION APPLIANCE CIRCUITS TO HANDLE PEAK CURRENTS FROM APPLIANCES ON THOSE CIRCUITS COMPOSITE FLASH RATE FROM MULTIPLE STROBES WITHIN A PERSON FIELD OF VIEW ADDING REPLACING OR CHANGING APPLIANCES OR CHANGING CANDELLA SETTINGS WILL CURRENT DRAW RECALCULATE CURRENT DRAW TO INSURE THAT THE TOTAL CURRENT AND TOTAL PEAK REQUIRED BY ALL APPLIANCES DO NOT EXCEED THE CAPACITY OF THE POWER SOURCES OR FUSES THE VOLTAGE APPLIED TO THE PRODUCTS MUST BE WITHIN THEIR VOLTAGE OF 110 CANDELA STROBE PRODUCTS IN SLEEPING AREAS IN OFFICE AREAS AND OTHER SPECIFICATION AND INSTALLATION ISSUES USE STROBES ONLY ON CIRCUITS WITH CONTINUOUSLY APPLIED OPERATING VOLTAGE DO USE STROBES ON CODED OR INTERRUPTED CIRCUITS IN WHICH THE APPLIED VOLTAGE ON AND OFF AS THE STROBE MAY NOT FLASH FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS OR GENERAL INFORMATION COULD RESULT IN IMPROPER INSTALLATION APPLICATION AND OR PROPERTY AND SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH TO YOU AND OR OTHERS CONDUCTOR SIZE AWG LENGTH AND AMPACITY SHOULD BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION TO DESIGN AND INSTALLATION OF THESE PRODUCTS PARTICULARLY IN RETROFIT visual notification appliances shall be Wheelock Series Strobe Appliances or approved equals The Series RSS meet and be listed for UL Standard 1971 Emergency for the Hearing Impaired for indoor Fire Protection The strobe shall be listed for indoor use and shall the requirements of FCC Part 15 Class B The strobe shall produce a flash rate of one 1 flash per sec over the Regulated Voltage Range and shall incorporate a flashtube enclosed in a rugged Lexan lens All inputs be compatible with standard reverse polarity supervision circuit wiring by a Fire Alarm Control Panel FACP When Plates are to be installed they shall be the Wheelock RSSP Strobe Plate and shall have the same electronic as the Wheelock Series RSS Series RSS Strobe shall be of low current design Where appliances are specified the strobe intensity have field selectable settings and shall be rated per UL 1971 at 15 30 75 110cd or 135 185cd for wall mount 15 30 75 95cd or 115 175cd for ceiling mount The selec switch for selecting the candela shall be tamper resistant 1575 candela strobe shall be specified when 15 candela Standard 1971 Listing with 75 candela on axis is required ADA compliance synchronization is required the appliance shall be com w

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