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30 2021 24 Flame Detectors Pyrotector Model 30 2021 24 and Model 30 2021E 24 UV Flame Detectors are highly sensitive to the radiation given off by all types of flames including produced by flammable liquids and gases Since the does not respond to normal ambient light conditions as sunlight incandescent or fluorescent lighting it is ide suited for use as a flame detector in a variety of areas Pyrotector Ultraviolet Flame Detector is a compact unit package consisting of a detection tube encapsulated state electronic circuitry and a dry contact Form C alarm relay In the event of an alarm the relay latches and an alarm light is illuminated for easy identification of unit in the alarm state The relay is reset by momentarily power to the unit A three second time delay is in to minimize false alarms cause by the presence of lightning etc Model 30 2021 24 is contained in a general purpose enclo and is intended for indoor use only It mounts on a 4 10.16 cm octagonal electrical junction box included Model 30 2021E 24 is intended for indoor use and is con in an explosion proof enclosure that meets all for NEC Class I Groups C and D Class II E F and G and Class III hazardous locations Both models operate on 24 VDC Of Operation Model 30 2021 24 and Model 30 2021E 24 UV Flame operate with a Geiger Muller type tube that utilizes ultraviolet sensitive photocathode within a fused silica enve When exposed to UV radiation the photocathode emits that ionize the inert gas inside the tube This initiates current flow that produces an alarm signal Considerations ensure proper operation of the detector the viewing window the surface of the sensing tube must be kept clean and of contaminating films at all times When cleaning the tube the user must exercise caution to apply mini pressure thereby minimizing the possibility of damage to detector tube and welding operations within the cone of vision of the can generate high levels of UV radiation that can in actuation of the detection system To avoid unwanted it is suggested that the detection system be de ener while these activities are occurring should be noted that ultraviolet detectors will not detect glow embers A high speed ember detector such as the Model or 30 2054A 24 should be used for this type of Operating voltage 22 to 27 VDC for 24 VDC unit Operating current STANDBY 12 mA maximum 24 ALARM 100 mA 24 VDC Alarm relay contact rating 1 A 26 VDC I 207 Initiating Devices 30 2021 24 30 2021E 24 Spectral sensitivity range 1700 to 2900 angstroms with response at 2100 angstroms Temperature range to 140 65 Humidity range up to 90 RH SPECIFICATIONS 30 2021 24 Enclosure type general purpose painted steel with pro cage and totally encapsulated electronics Dimensions 4.09 10.389 cm diameter 3 7.62 cm Weight 0.75 lb 0.34 kg SPECIFICATIONS 30 2021E 24 Enclosure type explosion proof housing with 3 4 1.905 NPT female entries NEC Class I Groups C and D II Groups E F and G Class III Dimensions 6.76 17.17 cm x 2.75 6.985 cm x 4.75 cm Weight 3.75 lbs 1.7 kg Sensitivity response time of the detector is a function of the size of fire fuel type and the distance from the detector to the fire fires and greater distances normally require greater times Figure 1 illustrates the relative sensitivity of Model 30 2021 24 Detector to gasoline fires Figure 2 the relative sensitivity of the Model 30 2021E 24 Model 30 2021E 24 is approximately 10 less sensitive example a three second response time is achieved at 10 3.048 m rather than 12 feet 3.658 m when detecting a 15.24 cm gasoline fire 8 25 2010 Page 1 of 4 of Vision Model 30 2021 24 has an 180 cone of vision Relative is greatest at a viewing angle of 45 on either side of central axis At angles greater than 45 sensitivity as illustrated in Figure 3 For the viewing pattern of 30 2021E 24 with 60 cone of vision see Figure 4 And Wiring Model 30 2021 24 and Model 30 2021E 24 are intended use in indoor applications Connection to both models is via wire leads with the following functions RED 24 V operating power input BLACK Common 24 V operating power input WHITE ALARM relay common BLUE ALARM relay normally closed contact ORANGE ALARM relay normally open contact Model 30 2021 24 can be mounted on a standard 4 cm junction box The junction box should be mounted to a supporting surface such as a wall piping etc Figure 5 for 30 2021 24 mounting hole locations Connect external wiring to the detector as illustrated in Figure 7 and 8 install the Model 30 2021E 24 remove the front cover from detector and mount the detector on the junction box See 6 for 30 2021E 24 mounting hole locations Make the connections as shown in Figure 7 and Figure 8 the cover back on the detector and mount it to any flat swivel mount is available for use with the Model 30 2021E to installation and orientation and provide easy adjust for the viewing field of the detector order part number This optional accessory meets the same NEC for use in hazardous areas as the detector assure maximum detector sensitivity keep the surface of sensor tube free from dirt or other contaminants at all Periodically test the sensitivity of the detector using a flame or a UV test lamp such as the model W8066 Specifications unit shall be an open area ultraviolet flame detector to operate on 24 VDC shall have encapsulated electronic circuitry and Form C relay contacts The unit shall have built in alarm indica from the front of the detector It shall respond to a 12 inch cm diameter gasoline fire in six seconds when viewed from a distance of 30 feet 9.144 m The detector not respond to normal ambient light conditions such as incandescent or fluorescent light detector shall have a three second time delay to spurious Model 30 2021 24 shall have a 180 cone of vision the greatest sensitivity at 45 on either side of the central Model 30 2021E 24 shall have a 60 cone of vision units shall meet NEC Class I Groups C and Class II Groups E F and G Class III Listings and Approvals panel manuals for lists of compatible UL Listed In some cases certain modules or applications may be listed by certain approval agencies or listing may be in Consult factory for latest listing status 1 Model 30 2021 24 Detector Sensitivity 3 Model 30 2021 24 2 Model 30 2021E 24 Detector Sensitivity 4 Model 30 2021E 24 2 of 4 DN 1253 B 8 25 2010 Line Information Ultraviolet flame detector 24 VDC in a general enclosure intended for indoor use Ultraviolet flame detector 24 VDC contained in explosion proof enclosure Swivel mount for use with the 30 2021E 24 5 Model 30 2021 24 Mounting Holes 6 Model 30 2021E 24 Mounting Holes Mounting hole diagrams Figure 5 and Figure 6 are not shown to scale with one another 8 25 2010 Page 3 of 4 Diagrams RED 24V operating power input BLACK Common 24V operating input WHITE ALARM relay common BLUE ALARM relay normally Orange ALARM relay normally contact contact F E Flame or ember detector PSR Power supervision relay P or equivalent EOL End of line device as required panel 7 Double Loop Panel Wiring 8 Single Loop Panel Wiring

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