Notifier VeriFire-HK Offline Programming Installation Instructions

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50530 Revision A HK 96 307 document outlines the requirements for installing the VeriFire kit for use with the VeriFire 1020 and UPDL software Information VeriFire 1020 off line program allows users to enter and edit the system full point and partial point programming options of a local AM2020 AFP1010 Intelligent Fire Alarm Panel The UPDL program is designed to upload all user programmed data from the panel to a VeriFire file on a personal computer and to download the data from the VeriFire file to the panel is accessed directly from the VeriFire application or outside of VeriFire by double clicking on the UPDL file UPDL EXE or UPDL icon an upload or download can be performed the hardware setup must be completed This VeriFire HK hard kit provides the necessary equipment to interface the personal computer with the AM2020 AFP1010 panel kit must be ordered separately and is not included with the VeriFire 1020 software package the download operation the AM2020 AFP1010 panel will not perform fire protection and life safety When the download is finished power down the panel and restart the entire system After an upload operation maintain a backup of the retrieved data continuing ensure that you have the following components AM2020 AFP1010 software release M2.7 or higher M series release EIA 232 to EIA 485 converter Five conductor cable SIB 2048A or SIB NET Serial Interface Board not for use with SIB 2048 or SIB 232 Installation hardware installation must be completed first since the software will not operate correctly until the hardware is correct To complete the hardware installation for the VeriFire HK follow the steps outlined below 1 Remove the ACS connector P5 from the SIB 2048A or SIB NET serial interface board on the AM2020 All programmed annunciators will indicate trouble during the time P5 remains removed Ignore these 2 Enable the ACS port upload download under Partial System Programming Option 8 ISIB Option 3 on the AM2020 AFP1010 panel 3 Connect the cable from the converter to the serial interface board as shown in Figure 2 4 Connect the nine pin connector on the 232 485 converter shown in Figure 1 below to the serial port on computer to serial interface board pin connector to PC serial port is a trademark of Notifier 1 The VeriFire HK EIA 232 to EIA 485 Converter Manuals Online 50530 A 8 22 96 1 Serial COM Port PC 2 SIB to Converter Connections 5 Upon completion of upload download disconnect the converter from the PC and remove the cable P5 Reconnect annunciator wiring to ACS port P5 on the SIB and disable the ACS port upload download Partial System Programming on the AM2020 AFP1010 panel Manuals Online 50530 A 8 22 96 2

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