Notifier VisorALARM IP Alarm (Maintenance) Receiver for FireWatch IP Series Communicators

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VisorALARM Alarm Maintenance Receiver FireWatch IP Series Communicators VisorALARM IP receiver from Teldat is Notifier solution to and receive alarms from FireWatch IP series fire alarm or Teldat MIP IP communicators Each Visor receiver supports up to 3,000 alarm panels and pro the industry most advanced set of features including line 512 bit encryption and a three level redundancy for the highest possible availability and reliability levels with central station automation software packages is immediate as the VisorALARM receiver is able to emu the industry most common receiver protocols The Visor automation server computer over a regular serial connection and Scalability Simultaneous management for up to 3,000 Tel MIP and Firewatch IP series IP remote devices Line monitoring Monitors connectivity status with all regis devices Network access monitoring Monitors the status of its net access to avoid generating false technical alarms under communications failure situation Support for dynamic and static IP addresses on the Teldat MIP and Firewatch IP series devices Encryption Uses 512 bit AES encryption algorithm for all with installed IP modules Communicates alarms to the automation server via a connection using ContactID format and emulating Sur Radionics or Ademco receiver protocols Smart card Saves all configuration information on an exter smart card that can be used for immediate system under crash recovery situations Secondary receiver support Two VisorALARMs PLUS can setup in a primary secondary configuration for high avail and redundancy options Teldat MIP and Firewatch IP units in the field will report to the primary unit and will switch to the secondary receiver if the primary unavailable Events 300 in the receiver ventilators 350 mIP is not sending polling traffic 356 358 Main receiver has detected the backup receiver of connectivity in the central line down 394 mIP begins to poll the backup receiver 395 Configuration error in the mIP 396 Main receiver has activated 397 Receiver has lost IP communication 398 Backup receiver has activated 399 Backup receiver has activated as a result of the receiver being down 531 A new mIP has been registered 633 634 635 Alarms buffer is full space in the alarms buffer is above 25 space in the alarms buffer is below 25 Secondary receiver automatic synchronization The pri and secondary VisorALARM receivers support the protocol that allows them both to maintain identical files Backup receiver automatic takeover An additional backup receiver can be placed in the same network as primary receiver programming the unit to takeover the of the primary receiver under the event that it unavailable Local and remote management tools Local management a console type serial connection available management is implemented via a telnet session Real time embedded operating system for maximum per and protection against viruses and hacker attacks Alarm automation server connection The VisorALARM can be connected to the automation server via a serial connection cable included with the unit Alarm automation configuration The VisorALARM supports Radionics and Ademco protocols for easy integra with any alarm automation software such as SIS IBS Microkey Configuration scripts VisorALARM allows configuration to be uploaded via the console or telnet sessions common configuration scripts are available at Teldat website allowing the user to download the scripts use them as templates to add customer specific options Options VisorALARM receiver implements advanced network main functions which allow all installed MIP and Firewatch IP units to send alarms and polling signals to a maintenance Teldat MIP and Firewatch IP series units will report to secondary destination in those cases where the main Visor fails Supervision Support VisorALARM receiver gets supervision messages from the All registered Teldat MIP and Firewatch IP series units periodic keep alive or polling signals to the receiver which answers with an acknowledgement response The status of the registered Teldat MIP and Firewatch IP series units is checked A 350 Contact ID alarm code is generated sent to the automation server for those Teldat MIP and Fire IP series who have not notified their availability Commu trouble To avoid the VisorALARM generating hundreds thousands of communication failure alarms when there is a 03 19 2010 Page 1 of 2 IP traffic reception failure the VisorALARM monitors the access to a stable and well known internet address if echo packets to this address fail a 356 Contact ID alarm is generated Loss of central polling Technical Specifications ARCHITECTURE Processor Motorola MPC860 at 50 66 or 80 MHz depend on the version version Memory 32 64 128 or 256 SDRAM Mbytes depending on Storage unit FLASH Memory 4 8 or 16 Mbytes depending the version EEPROM 2 Kbytes NVRAM 128 Kbytes INTERFACE Local Terminal V 24 9.600 8 N 1 without flow control Connector DB 9 female Telnet Password protected POWER Voltage 100 240 V Current 0.5 1.0 A Frequency 47 63 Hz INTERFACE Protocols Ethernet 802.3 Ethernet blue book Speed 10 Mbps 100 Mbps 100BaseT Connector RJ45 female Insertable drivers V 24 V 35 X 21 DTE DCE INTERFACES Protocols FRAME RELAY X 25 PPP SDLC X 28 Ports 2 printer automation software Speed 200 to 2048 Kbps Connector DB 25 female Emulation Surgard Radionics 6500 and Ademco 685 AND WEIGHT Type Desktop L x W x H 12.21 x 16.34 x 1.69 inches Weight 3.5Kg 7.6 lbs SPECIFICATIONS Room temperature On 41 to 131 Off 4 to 140 Relative humidity On 8 to 85 Off 5 to 90 AND APPROVALS UL1610 Central Station Burglar Alarm Units UL1076 Proprietary Burglar Alarm Units and Systems ULC ORD C1076 M1986 Proprietary Burglar Alarm Units CAN ULC S304 M88 Central and Monitoring Station Burglar Units INFORMATION VisorALARM Receiver is a registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc Visor is a registered trademark of the Teldat Corporation by Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved Unauthorized use this document is strictly prohibited document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep our product information up to date and accurate cannot cover all specific applications or anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to change without notice more information contact Notifier Phone 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 2 of 2 DN 60458 B 03 19 2010

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