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Keltron VS4095 5 Alarm Printer Keltron VS4095 5 two color red black 40 column 24 printer is designed for use with ONYX series fire alarm panels and network control annunciators This reliable impact printer meets all UL Fire and Security including the ability to print 50 individual alarm within a 90 second time interval Listed to UL 864 9th Edition Meets all UL Fire and Security requirements including print 50 messages in 90 seconds Three mounting options Red black print Built in paper take up reel 24 VDC operation Operates directly off the power of the panel Therefore the 90 Series printer will share the backup of the control panel and continue to operate the unlikely event that A C mains are lost Operates over a wide voltage range and continues to oper during brownouts surges or low power circumstances Crisp clear black red hard copy is provided in a compact format Two 40 column lines are equivalent to 80 column alarm message Red printing is triggered a control command or by message context Double characters can be integrated on the same line with characters The built in paper take up reel provides convenient storage printed records Records can be reviewed at any time by a switch on the front panel and paper rewound flipping the switch in the opposite direction Mounts directly to CAB 4 cabinet with P40 KITB mounting Time and date stamp Manual test switch Paper feed switch End of paper EOP indicator Data Terminal ready DTR indicates the printer is ready to data POWERED TIME DATE STAMP the unlikely event that the alarm system is shut down com including standby power the optional time date stamp print the time and date when the system shuts down and it returns to service This information may be extremely to the system integrator SECURITY CABINET optional wall mounted security cabinet provides viewing for 12 message lines plus printer and paper status This locking cabinet utilizes a key and secures the against unauthorized access and protects the recorded from possible tampering This attractive cabinet can be in conjunction with virtually any wall mounted alarm sys G 157 Devices MOUNTING P40 KITB VS4095 5 may be mounted directly to the CAB 4 cabinet the P40 KITB mounting assembly The P40 KITB includes mounting chassis for the VS4095 5 and a hinged dress Although the P40 KITB utilizes an entire row of the it also adds two ACS Series Annunciator positions adjacent to the printer BMP 1 blank module plates be ordered if one or both of these positions are not uti The chassis also has two CHS style chassis posi for mounting modules such as the ACM 8R MOUNTING OPTION VS4095 5 can also be mounted on a standard 19 48.260 rack panel which is 12.25 31.115 cm high and 4.75 cm deep RIBBON PAPER REPLACEMENT two color ribbon cartridge pops in and out in seconds for replacement Standard 3 x 3 7.62 x 7.62 cm diameter paper rolls are also easily changed when required SET 96 upper and lower case ASCII characters 256 characters available optionally Consult factory Print buffer 8,192 characters Print method Dot matrix impact Print columns 40 Print speed 2.2 lines second nominal 24 VDC 10 Reliability 1.5 million lines MTBF Character size 1.3 mm wide 2.9 mm high 210 dots line Extended character height 5.8 mm 11 29 2012 Page 1 of 2 Paper feed Unidirectional forward pressure roller Fast BMP 1 Blank Module Plates Covers unused annunciator feed 9 lines second Order from NOTIFIER Listings and Approvals some cases certain modules may not be listed by certain agencies or listing may be in progress Consult fac for latest listing status UL ULC Listed S3081 MEA 289 91 E Vol 4 447 99 E FDNY COA 6114 NFS2 3030 CSFM 7165 0028 0214 7165 0028 0224 ORDERING INFORMATION VS4095 5 may be ordered directly from Keltron at the fol address Corporation Crescent Street MA 02453 3487 894 8710 phone 899 9652 fax Paper Thickness 0.0027 0.006858 cm diameter 3.00 cm width 3.00 7.62 cm Ribbon Snap in cassette red black or black INTERFACE with READY BUSY protocols 20 mA passive opto current loop DB 25S 25 pin D female type not included consumption 24 VDC 10 20 Exceeds UL 0.1 A standby 1.0 A printing Standby 0.030 amps current with all output relays activated 158 mA supply Use a regulated power limited compatible supply UL ULC listed for Fire Protective Signaling use range Operating 32 to 122 0 to 50 13 to 158 25 to 70 humidity Non condensing 20 to 90 DIMENSIONS cm cm cm Security Cabinet Box Cover cm cm cm cm cm cm Line Information VS4095 5 90 Series Printer 40 column EIA 232 24 VDC without security cabinet Order VS4095 5 directly Keltron 90106 DB 25 Connector The VS4095 5 printer requires DB 25 connector not included and a cable for connec to the serial port A 90106 may be used but the con shell may interfere with the above chassis and not be used Order 90106 from NOTIFIER 31D1243 Internally Powered Time Date Stamp Order directly from Keltron CABINETS VSENCGRY Gray Wall Mount Security Cabinet Includes and key Order directly from Keltron VSENCRED Red Wall Mount Security Cabinet Can the keylock and key upon request Order directly Keltron P40 KITB CAB 4 series mounting kit includes chassis dress plate and mounting hardware Order P40 from NOTIFIER If ACS series annunciators are not order two BMP 1 dress plates from NOTIFIER and FlashScan are registered trademarks of Honeywell Inc by Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved Unauthorized use this document is strictly prohibited document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep our product information up to date and accurate cannot cover all specific applications or anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to change without notice more information contact Notifier Phone 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 in the U S A 2 of 2 DN 3260 A1 11 29 2012

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