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Think FAAST Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology Vision Single Purpose De ned Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology is a smoke detector that draws into its sensor through a pipe network This approach enables FAAST to highly accurate and discreet Very Early Warning Fire Detection that meets needs of a variety of environments Applications Critical these environments there is no downtime Every second every transaction missed any data or equipment can mean huge nancial losses FAAST alerts managers to the faintest traces of smoke the rst of system trouble helping them keep their critical facilities up and running 24 7 and preventing activation of suppression systems Impressions aesthetics matter such as in museums churches mansions FAAST provides a discreet smoke detection that is nearly invisible to the public At the same it provides the earliest and most accurate smoke available to protect high value items from re Denied re systems must protect areas such as prisons and spaces where there is a concern for tampering The device can be mounted in a secure area while air points are located in the protected environment minimizing the potential for tampering Great Indoors large public areas like shopping malls airports or evacuations can be dif cult FAAST provides accurate re detection for these areas to avoid alarms and various levels of alert to mount an informed response to any situation Extremes areas like cold storage facilities or spaces with high ow have environmental conditions outside the tolerance typical re detection technologies Because the FAAST can be mounted at a temperate easy to access while sampling points can be located in the extreme it enables reliable re detection for spaces with conditions Value Vision Single Purpose dual vision sensing technology uses a blue LED to detect wide variety of res with extremely low concentrations of smoke an infrared laser to identify nuisances like dust that can cause alarms and downtime Advanced algorithms interpret signals both sources to meet a single purpose protect your facility and assets with the earliest and most accurate smoke available In One all in one system con guration and monitoring software guides you through initial pipe layout and system guration And once the system is installed it enables ongoing guration and system monitoring from anywhere in the world the Internet using FAAST s onboard Ethernet connection The software ships with FAAST and can also be downloaded at Details provides you with the information you need to manage your It includes 5 alarm levels 10 pre alarm particulate and a 10 level air ow pendulum that veri es air is owing through the pipe network It also includes a full range fault indications All of this information can be read quickly and on the device intuitive integral display or through a variety of devices language cards available See Ordering Information Anywhere there a situation at your facility you need to know about it instantly unique onboard Ethernet interface enables you to monitor detector from any Internet browser smart phone or mobile device VPN capability You can also con gure the detector to e mail updates to appropriate personnel That means you know what need to know to protect your facility no matter where you are Ordering Information Sensor Conventional FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology No Additional accessory information including part numbers can be accessed at systemsensor com faast Binder Includes Comprehensive Instruction Manual Air Filter Assembly Card Pipe and Fittings Application Detectors Advanced Multi Criteria Fire combines four detection for the most accurate nuisance re detection available It is the solution for challenging applications persistent nuisance conditions or tolerance for nuisance alarms Pinnacle laser based intelligent sensitivity smoke detector sensitivity and stability not with traditional sensors At up 100 times the sensitivity of traditional this detector provides very early of incipient res It is ideal to critical high value equipment in such as computer rooms and centers DNRHS high sensitivity duct detector provides very early of res to protect high value and mission critical operations re and the spread of damaging through air management systems detector s intelligent laser sensor detect miniscule amounts of smoke air velocities from 300 to 4,000 feet minute ideal for environments with high volume air changes its unique pivoting housing ts both and rectangular footprints so you be sure the detector will t installation Power Behind the Products Sensor was founded in 1984 and today is the largest manufacturer of re detection and noti cation appliances in the More than 1,900 System Sensor associates collaborate worldwide to build quality products for conventional detection detection audible visible noti cation HVAC monitoring and sprinkler systems monitoring We attribute the demand for products to our high production standards and strong communication with our customers Every day we develop advanced that deliver advanced solutions to our customers more information please call 800 SENSOR2 for a free E CD ROM a comprehensive resource of technical or visit systemsensor com System Sensor Product specifi cations subject to change without notice 5 10 2370

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