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The Next Generation of Aspirating Smoke Technology Aspirating Smoke Detection ASD The next generation VESDA aspirating smoke detectors pioneering Aspirating Smoke Detection ASD nearly 30 years ago VESDA has been as the best in the world protecting personnel assets and mission critical infrastructure in the most iconic locations is the next generation of VESDA featuring innovative capabilities that dramatically the VESDA experience VESDA Smoke offers increased sensitivity up to 15 greater than VESDA VLP at least three times better rejection up to twice the longevity while maintaining sensitivity over time and up to 8 less power per unit area VESDA Flex future proof expandability and programming maximum flexibility using StaX Hardware expansion that easily bolt onto the VESDA E detector to additional capabilities and Xtralis Software Analytics Xapps that can be purchased downloaded managed remotely over the internet VESDA Analytics provides unique particle type capabilities for targeted detection and response Analytics currently available includes WireTraceTM and DustTraceTM VESDA Verify provides situational awareness to improve time efficiency and effectiveness through addressability for up to 120 locations VESDA Connect provides extensive connectivity options Ethernet WiFi USB VESDAnet and relays to installation commissioning monitoring and costs VESDA TCO reduces the Total Cost of Ownership TCO Capex value Opex savings Plug design less pipe networks vast monitoring and backwards compatibility With VESDA E you reduce TCO by up to 15 system ever produced VESDA E VEU VEP works is continually drawn from the protected area through the sampling pipe network and into the detector by a high aspirator The air sampling pipe network can up to four pipes air from each sampling pipe passes through a flow and then a sample of the air is drawn into the Flair chamber via the sampling module after first through the filter additional filter provides clean air to protect the optical inside the detection chamber from contamination FlairTM detection chamber uses the equivalent of sensors and sophisticated algorithms for smoke and particle type characterisation If the detected is higher than the set alarm thresholds it is reported an Alert Action Fire1 or Fire2 alarm condition Air is from the detector and may be vented back into protected zone Alarms can be signaled via Relays and Ethernet and WiFi can be used for configuration secondary monitoring and a USB interface is provided initial setup A series of LEDs display Alarm Trouble and detector power on status A button allows the to Reset or Disable the detector In addition an optional LCD display shows the detector status including smoke and a smoke level bar graph alarm thresholds trouble airflow level normalization status and filter life used Six Reasons for VESDA E Smoke Flex Smoke capitalizes on the patented Flair Detection centered in the VESDA E detection chamber in VEU and VEP The Flair Detection Technology offers sensitivity up to 15 times greater than VESDA at least three times better dust rejection up to twice the while maintaining consistent sensitivity over time Flex provides future proof expandability and for maximum flexibility using StaX Hardware expansion modules integrate with the detector to provide additional capabilities integrated Power Supply Auto Pipe Clean ECO gas detection Xtralis Software Analytics applications Xapps that can purchased downloaded configured managed over the internet Smoke capability focuses on improving key aspects to smoke detection including Analytics Analytics improve the effectiveness of smoke by providing supplementary probabilistic for targeted detection and efficient response notification is integrated into Xtralis VSM4 and platforms for local and remote response VESDA E examples include DieselTraceTM WireTraceTM and Detection Performance Vastly better sensitivity Faster response time Detection Reliability Operating temperature stability Minimizing nuisance alarms Consistent Performance Over Time During long term exposure to dust Efficiency of Operation Power Consumption per unit area VESDA Verify TCO Verify provides situational awareness to improve time efficiency and effectiveness through pin point for up to 120 locations VESDA E VEA reliable early warning with minimum nuisance centralised maintenance with built in blow back and full system integrity check Refer to the Xtralis for full VESDA E VEA details TCO provides a lifetime of value reliability and improves CapEx value through higher sensitivity longer pipe runs resulting in greater coverage area also reduces OpEx costs due to accessible maintenance replaceable components and the Auto pipe cleaning Plug and play features improve the installation and reduce its cost via Auto commissioning capability Firmware upgrade using only a USB key Instant monitoring via Wi Fi Mounting template Mounting bracket Ample wiring space Design less pipe networks for simple designs can also provide vast monitoring options including VSM4 Remotes VESDAnet iVESDA current VESDA users VESDA E offers full backward with the VESDA product line with VESDA E can reduce Total Cost of Ownership by up to 15 Connect Connect provides flexible networking and capabilities that reduce installation monitoring and maintenance costs through connectivity options and remote diagnostics tools Ethernet WiFi USB VESDAnet and Relays Product Range VEU VESDA E VEU is the premium detector the VESDA E Range It provides ultra wide sensitivity range from 0.001 20.0 0.0003 to 6.25 obs ft and up to Class A holes extending detector by at least 40 in high airflow VEU also provides 400 m ft and 800 m 2,625 ft of linear and pipe networks respectively coverage by up to 80 in high applications while allowing for detector mounting for ease of and maintenance VEU has area of up to 6,500 m2 69,965 sq ft standard features include StaX and support together with Ethernet USB and VESDAnet capabilities VEP VESDA E VEP series of aspirating smoke extend the reach of the VESDA E to a wide range of applications VEP range is from 0.005 20 m and provides up to 40 A holes VEP is equipped with a aspirator that provides a total of m 427 ft in the one pipe model and m 1,837 ft in the four pipe model VEP provides StaX and Analytics support with Ethernet WiFi USB and capabilities VEA VEA is the first addressable smoke detector ASD for standard detection applications with servicing and interruption free and significantly lower maintenance VEA provides pinpoint addressability by a network of microbore tubes to sampling points located in the area VEA provides superior with inbuilt filters and self cleaning assured detection with minimum alarms The VEA base detector up to 40 sampling points which can expanded to 120 using VEA Expansion modules True supervision of tube and sampling points allows automated test and maintenance provide end to end system integrity reducing maintenance time by up to 90 while TCO by up to 60 Refer to the Xtralis web

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