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The World No 1 Brand Aspirating Smoke Seven Reasons for VESDA business continuity paramount maintenance access is uptime a key business goal Is service provision very early warning smoke detectors provide the warning of a potential fire which buys time to intervene and avoid business disruption in to damage downtime and the cost of a suppression Such early warning is critical for the area to be protected inaccessible Does on traditional fire detection systems disruptions and inconvenience your business detectors can be mounted in accessible locations to easy maintenance Only the sampling pipe network is in the inaccessible area Ideal for Telecommunications facilities Server rooms Financial data centers Utilities Clean rooms Power generation facilities smoke is difficult to detect high airflow diluting smoke preventing it from the ceiling so it can be detected Is the being trapped in ducts pockets or voids Is stratifying into a mushroom cloud below a ceiling making it difficult to detect sampling points can be placed at the return air grille in equipment cabinets to detect smoke as it is carried by air In large open spaces sampling points can be where the smoke goes often some distance the ceiling level Suitable for Ceiling voids and sub floor spaces Prisons and detention facilities Elevator shafts Ducts Production areas unobtrusive detection is it important to preserve the internal design of the building Is vandalism a problem the current smoke detection system VESDA system can be installed with capillary sampling which are barely discernible to the human eye The can be placed in a cupboard or utility area Great Modern offices Heritage buildings Cathedrals Prisons and detention centers Art galleries and museums Prestigious residences Server rooms Clean rooms Telecommunications facilities Warehouses Atria Indoor stadiums Theaters Convention centers When evacuation is a challenge environmental conditions difficult high background levels or industrial activities in the area to be protected VLI detector with its ruggedized enclosure and long life fail safe intelligent filter technology is designed for industrial applications with harsh and environments The VLI detectors can be installed the sampling area or remote from the detection area only the sampling pipes located in the protected area sampled air can be filtered warmed or cooled before the detector Ideal for Mines Water treatment plants Manufacturing and processing plants Fertilizer plants Power generation facilities Textile plants Timber pulp and paper plants Transportation the building be open to the general public Will it people who need extra help during an Is evacuation difficult due to crowds or exits What is the business impact of an very early warning that VESDA systems provide allows maximum time for evacuation This is critical for Shopping centers Hospitals Stadiums Underground tunnels Heritage buildings Facilities for children and the elderly suppression systems are suppression release costly and disruptive very early warning provided by VESDA systems allows intervention to prevent suppression releases The alarm levels of VESDA systems can be used to different responses at different stages of a fire from air conditioning to initiating a suppression release for Communications hubs Server rooms Command stations Switch rooms Aspirating Smoke Detection ASD world no 1 ASD brand very early warning smoke detection solutions provide earliest possible warning of an impending fire hazard buys time to investigate an alarm and initiate an response to prevent injury property damage or disruption And because VESDA has the industry sensitivity range and multi level alarms even minute of smoke can be detected before a fire has time to the No 1 ASD brand specified by fire professionals the world VESDA is synonymous with reliable fire detection VESDA works works by continuously drawing air into a distributed network via a high efficiency aspirator The air sample passes through a dual stage filter The first stage dust and dirt from the air sample before it enters the detection chamber The second ultra fine stage an additional clean air supply to keep the detector surfaces free from contamination ensuring consistent detection and long detector life as well as nuisance alarms the filter the air sample goes through the detection where it is exposed to a laser light source When is present light is scattered within the detection and is instantly identified by the highly sensitive system The signal is then processed and presented a bar graph display alarm threshold indicators and or display VESDA detectors are able to communicate information to a fire alarm control panel a software system or a building management system via or a High Level Interface HLI diagram shows the progression of a fire over time Note the incipient stage of a fire provides the widest window of to detect and control the spread VESDA detectors be configured to generate multiple alarms within the incipient They also can be configured to generate an additional alarm 2 at the advanced stages of a fire This feature is unique VESDA and takes advantage of its wide sensitivity range that one detector to monitor the entire progression of a fire Product Range VLS VESDA VLS locates the origin of by identifying the sector pipe the highest level of smoke and then to sample air from all sectors monitor fire growth The VESDA VLS provides four alarm levels for each pipe Alert Action Fire 1 and Fire 2 and provides pipe addressability and settings It protects areas up to m2 20,000 sq ft VLP VESDA VLP is the flagship in the product range Like all VESDA it detects fire at the earliest stage and reliably measures low to high concentrations of It has the world widest range of 0.005 to 20 obs m 0.0015 to 6 obs ft VLP supports four configurable alarm levels Alert Action 1 and Fire 2 and protects areas up to 2,000 m2 sq ft VLC VLC offers protection for small medium areas that require cost very early warning It offers the wide sensitivity range as the VLP and VESDA VLS 0.005 20 obs m 0.0015 to 6 obs ft VESDA VLC supports three configurable alarm levels Alert and Fire and comes in two versions One version via relays only RO and the other across either relays or VN VLF VESDA VLF delivers advanced and very early warning for environments The VESDA model protects areas up to m2 2,500 sq ft and the VESDA model covers up to 500 m2 sq ft In addition to world and well established VESDA features VESDA VLF provides new range of features and built in intelligence for quick installation and servicing VLQ VESDA VLQ detector is a cost ASD solution that meets the needs of numerous small area of up to 100 m2 sq ft Examples of these include landline remote offices base controllers remote base stations small server room and other small important rooms VLQ combines the benefits of early warning with simplified and flexible ASD offering at the total cost of ownership possible VFT VESDA VFT is a unique and high sensitivity ASD that is of pinpointing the source of smoke to speed response investigation and minimize disruption and downtime advanced detector provides intelligent addressibility to identify to 15 protected areas via microbore tubes VLI VESDA VLI is an industry first early aspirating smoke detection designed to protect industria

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