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VESDA ECO Detector Detection for Use with Smoke Detection the manufacturer of the leading VESDA aspirating detection ASD technology developed the industries first aspirated gas detector used with the compatible of ASD products VESDA ECO the industries first combined smoke and gas detection ECO provides early warning of toxic and flammable gas hazards to protect and property whilst ensuring business include Battery charging rooms Boiler plant rooms Commercial kitchens Parking garages Utility service tunnels Refrigerated stores and plant rooms Water treatment and sewerage plants Power generation plants Metal processing plants and more It Works ECO uses an existing or new aspirating pipe network to actively monitor gas escapes and build ups ECO gas detector can house up to two gas sensors and additional can be added easily to the pipe network to monitor more gases if Pre calibrated sensor cartridges are easily replaced in the field and converting to different gas sensors or replacing sensors a simple task VESDA ECO detector is configured using Xtralis VSC configuration software can be remotely monitored using Xtralis VSM4 monitoring software Both and VSM can be used to download data from the on board memory card for analysis and trending of historical data with other building systems including fire alarm control panels PLCs and building management systems provides real time situational for intelligent emergency response ECO by Xtralis provides significant installation and routine maintenance savings over conventional multi point gas detection solutions by reducing number of detectors required to cover an area and by providing easy access routine maintenance area certified variants of VESDA ECO are available For more on VESDA ECO Ex refer to document 19826 Detection and Name Monitoring Toxic Oxygen or Flammable gas alarm status LEDs with PLCs HVAC BMS FACP Single or dual gas versions Factory calibrated sensor cartridges Configurable relays 4 20 mA analog outputs RS485 Modbus output On board event logging On board fault diagnostics Remote reset VESDA ASD ASD FAAST ASD CE gas test port safety Conforms to ANSI UL Std 61010 1 Certified to CAN CSA Std C22.2 61010 1 EN 61010 1 EMC FCC 47CFR Part 15B class B 003 EN 50270 Others LCPB VdS AFNOR compatible for use EN54 20 approved ASD LOM approved to UNE 23300 CO NO2 AQISQ CMC Pattern Approval CCCF CFE GB 15322.1 VNIIPO SIL Rating SIL 2 as per IEC 61508 combustible and CO2 versions SIL 1 as per IEC 61508 toxic gas and versions Consult with Xtralis if the application requires removal of gases ECO Detector Detection and Monitoring ECO Ordering information ECO gas detectors come complete with the main housing sensor data storage card and USB interface cable Two variants are available on detector outputs number structure ECO D B AA BB Gas Units AA with the relevant gas type number below and remove BB H2 0 100 LFL Methane CH4 0 100 LFL C3H8 0 100 LFL H2 0 2000 ppm Vapour 0 100 LFL C5H12 0 100 LFL 0 100 LFL depletion only O2 0 25 v v depletion and enrichment O2 0 25 v v Monoxide CO 0 500 ppm Sulphide H2S 0 100 ppm Dioxide SO2 0 10 ppm Dioxide NO2 0 10 ppm Dioxide CO2 0 5 v v Gas Units one of the available combinations below Replacing AA and BB with the combination Other combinations are available upon request 31 Methane and Oxygen 41 Methane and Carbon Monoxide 43 Methane and Hydrogen Sulphide 31 Propane and Oxygen 41 Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide 43 Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulphide 45 Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide ECO D B 12 41 ECO detector with relay analog and serial outputs for Methane and Carbon sensor cartridge part number structure ECO SC AA BB SC Sensor Cartridge AA BB are 1st and 2nd gas types see above ECO is designed to press fit on to air sampling pipe To fit VESDA ECO remove a 60 mm section of pipe when using 25 mm OD air sampling pipe or 4 for BSP pipe Use ECO FT15 adapter when fitting ECO to 6mm sampling systems ECO provides total flexibility to install one or more detectors anywhere on pipe network to enable monitoring of a specific point zone or total area and Europe 44 1442 242 330 D A CH 49 431 23284 1 The Americas 1 781 740 2223 East 962 6 588 5622 Asia 86 21 5240 0077 Australia and New Zealand 61 3 9936 7000 contents of this document are provided on an is basis No representation or warranty either express or implied is made as to the accuracy or reliability of the contents of this document The manufacturer reserves the right to change designs or specifications without and without further notice Except as otherwise provided all warranties express or implied including without limitation any implied warranties merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are expressly excluded the Xtralis logo The Sooner You Know VESDA E VESDA ICAM ECO OSID HeiTel ADPRO IntrusionTrace LoiterTrace ClientTrace XOa XOh iTrace iCommand iRespond iCommission iPIR and FMST are trademarks and or registered trademarks of Xtralis and or its in the United States and or other countries Other brand names mentioned herein are for identification purposes only and may be of their respective holder s Your use of this document does not constitute or create a licence or any other right to use the name and or and or label document is subject to copyright owned by Xtralis You agree not to copy communicate to the public adapt distribute transfer sell modify or any contents of this document without the express prior written consent of Xtralis 18912 14 Voltage VDC Consumption 24 VDC W max Consumption 60 mA 24 V DC for a dual gas toxic quiescent 85 mA when in alarm WHD x 4.9 x 4.4 34 mm x 125 mm x 110 mm pounds 250 g ratings and NEMA 4 Conditions typically 4 to 122 20 to 50 dependant 4 to 131 20 to 55 4 to 104 20 to 40 10 95 RH non condensing Size Diameter 25 mm EU US CAN size mm2 16 AWG maximum Access and Termination x PG9 cable glands to suit 4.0 to 8.5 mm 0.157 0.335 outer cable diameter 5 wire RS 485 Modbus RTU wire data comms 2 wire power 4 programmable relays 30 VDC 1A 1 4 20 mA output per sensor Memory Card SD card 2 GB 8 GB 50,000 events

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