Potter ARM Series Auxiliary Relay Card

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ARM 4 8 RelAy Module 4 or 8 Relay Card All relays are form C Individual Configurable relays can be grouped to operate Directly powered from fire alarm control panel Simplistic configuration with jumpers 4 Stock 3002120 8 Stock 3002125 ARM 4 8 Auxiliary Relay Module provides either 4 or 8 relays any of the PFC 5000 series panels The relays are configured to the zones of the panel as either a common alarm or common In addition the relay can be configured to a respective zone 1 to Relay 1 Zone 2 to Relay 2 etc Blocks of relays can also configured to one initiating zone as well Each relay is a low voltage rated at 2.0 amps and 30 VDC Specifications contractor shall furnish and install the ARM 4 or ARM 8 into the PFC 5000 series fire alarm control panel when indicated on the for auxiliary relays The relays shall be capable of 2.0 amps at 30 and shall be configurable using jumpers The ARM shall directly to the fire alarm control panel through a ribbon cable and the board must directly connect to the interior of the fire alarm control cabinet Schematic or 8 Form C Relays 4 relay shown FIRE ALARM 1 2 3 4 MODULE X 4 TERMINAL REMOVEABLE PLUGS 200 2 200 1 Directly connects to main board of fire alarm control panel via cable The JW3 jumper is removed from the main board and a reset is performed for the panel to recognize the ARM card The on the ARM card control how the relays operate Inserting JW on ARM card will configure each relay to the respected Initiating Zones jumper JW A configures the relay to either alarm or supervisory JW will configure the relays adjacent to each other to operate The JW jumper is removed and installed on the JW to the relays operate together as a block Electric Signal Co LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 240 1870 Tech Support 866 956 1211 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 8910200 REV A 1 OF 1

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