Potter MR Series Multi-voltage Control Relays

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MR 100 200 SERIES VOLTAGE CONTROL RELAYS Relay may be energized from a voltage source of 18 to 35VDC VAC 115VAC 230VAC Each energized This provides a time saving convenience when checking an system no metering is required Single position master For Available Track UL UL 101 T MR 201 T 82.6mm H x 2.125 54mm W x 1.5 38.1mm D 104 T MR 204 T 82.6mm H x 8.5 215.0mm x 1.5 38.1mm D 101 C MR 201 C 130.2mm H x 3.125 79.0mm W x 2.5 63.5mm 104 C MR 204 C 130.2mm H x 9.5 241.3mm W x 2.5 63.5mm D Information 101 T 101 C 104 T 104 C 201 T 201 C 204 T 204 C SPDT Relay with LED and mounting hardware Recognized SPDT Relay with LED in an enclosure Listed position SPDT Relay with LEDs track mounting hardware Recognized position SPDT Relay with LEDs in an enclosure Listed DPDT Relay with LEDs mounting hardware Recognized DPDT Relay with LED in an enclosure Listed position DPDT Relay with LEDs track mounted hardware Recognized position DPDT Relay with LEDs in an enclosure Recognized Non Stock Item Special Order Wiring Typical for module position APART SEAMS 104 T MR 204 T Similar in Component Description MR Series Multi voltage Control Relays offer SPDT or DPDT 10 Amp contacts which may be operated by one of four input control voltages A relay may be energized from a voltage source of 24VDC 24VAC 115VAC 230VAC by wiring to appropriate input terminals relay position contains a red light emitting diode LED which indicates the coil is energized Relays may be snapped apart from a standard 4 module and used independently devices are ideal for applications where local contacts are required for status remote contacts for control of electrical loads and general purpose They are suitable for use with HVAC Temperature Control Fire Security Energy Management and Lighting Control systems 24 VAC 24VAC 115VAC 230VAC 24VDC 24VAC 115VAC 230VAC 101 Position 201 Position In Voltage 75 of nominal voltage 25 Out Voltage 25 of nominal voltage 25 18 ga CRS plated with 1 2 Knockouts ABS 94VO Res 115VAC 7A Res 230VAC Res 28VAC N O 1 6 HP 115VAC 1 8 HP 115VAC to 120 101 C MR 104 C MR 201 C MR U L Listed File S3403 City of York MEA 73 92 E CSFM 7300 Requirements Rating Temperature IN USA Electric Signal Company 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com 101 104 5401100 REV B 201 204 1 OF 1

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