Potter DACT-5000 Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter for PFC-5000

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DACT 5000 ALARM TRANSMITTER SIA or Contact ID reporting formats Bi Colored telephone line status LED s User set daily test Simplistic Programming with CFG 5000 Directly mounts in re alarm cabinet DACT 5000 Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter allows the series re alarm control panel to call a Central Station and a local Fire Alarm Trouble Condition or Supervisory Condition PFC 5002 When properly installed with two phone lines DACT 5000 supervises the lines and can be programmed with Schematic Security Industry Association SIA Digital Communications DCS or the Ademco Contact ID protocols The DACT mounts directly to the PFC 5000 series cabinet and is powered from the main re alarm panel The CFG 5000 Con guration is required to program the DACT 5000 LED CABLE MAIN BOARD 2 1 204 1 Speci cation contractor shall furnish the DACT 5000 Digital Alarm Transmitter for communicating an alarm trouble or condition to a monitoring station The DACT shall be UL and be compatible with the PFC 5000 series re alarm control The communicator shall have the capability to supervise the phone lines and report a line failure The DACT shall be of seizing a phone line dialing and communicating on the The DACT shall be installed in front of any private telephone in order for the line to be seized and utilized for dialing the station The DACT shall have two LED that indicate status The LED shall be off when not in use a red LED shall the line in use and an amber LED shall indicate a line fault trouble condition shall be communicated if a telephone line signal loss regardless of which telephone line In addition a signal shall transmitted indicating a restoral of telephone service If both lines fail a trouble condition with activation of the trouble shall activate on the main control panel and the buzzer shall The DACT 5000 shall be capable of transmitting in either Security Industry Association SIA Digital Communications DCS and the Ademco Contact ID formats The DACT be programmed to send a test report once a day at a speci ed The DACT 5000 shall be programmed using the Potter CFG Con guration Tool Electric Signal Company 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 8910204 REV A 1 OF 1

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