Potter UDACT-9100 Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter Dialer Module

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UDACT 9100 ALARM COMMUNICATOR MODULE Communicates with PFC 5000 or PFC 9000 Series alarm control via an RS 485 data link Programmed to use the Ademco Contact ID and SIA DCS reporting Can be con for DACT or UDACT mode of operation DACT mode transmits a common Alarm Supervisory Waterflow and Trouble information UDACT mode transmits point speci Alarm Supervisory Waterflow Trouble information UDACT 9100 has the ability of disconnecting the incoming and calls and capturing the line for transmission to the Digital Communicator Receiver DACR Onsite or remote programming Onsite con with the on board keypad and the CFG LCD Tool or using the UIMA Programming Tool and a with an available serial or USB port Remotely con via a Personal Computer with a modem is passcode protected on board Provides telephone line monitoring and reports status via LED Provides event logs of 500 entries each to save events from local dialer or remote alarm panel Logs can be reviewed locally with the CFG LCD Con Tool remotely via modem Continuously supervises the status of each of two connected telephone at approximately one minute intervals Mounts in a dedicated location in the PFC 5000 or PFC 9000 Series chassis Connection Diagram CABLE TO PFC 5000 OR FIRE ALARM PANEL HOLES 228 1 numbers UDACT 9100 must be programmed by CFG LCD or UIMA CFG LCD required for programming and troubleshooting of the UDACT 9100 UDACT 9100 Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter Dialer allows PFC 5000 or PFC 9000 Series Fire Alarm Control to transmit Alarm Supervisory and Trouble information on telephone lines to a monitoring facility UDACT 9100 is powered by the host alarm control panel communicates with the alarm control panel via an RS 485 link The Digital Communicator can be programmed for dual operation and uses the Security Industry Association SIA and Contact ID reporting protocols UDACT 9100 can be con locally via the on board keypad the CFG LCD Con Tool or with a UIMA programming and a computer with an available serial or USB port In addition UDACT 9100 can be remotely con using a personal with a modem UDACT 9100 can be con for either DACT or UDACT In DACT mode the Digital Communicator reports alarm trouble and supervisory information In UDACT the Digital Communicator reports point speci information Separately Consumption mA mA Electric Signal Co LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 240 1870 Tech Support 866 956 1211 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 8910228 REV B 1 OF 2 Wiring Diagram ALARM COMMUNICATOR MODULE Con Tool CFG LCD Con Tool is required for onsite programming the UDACT 9100 The CFG LCD plugs into the UDACT 9100 to a two line by 20 character LCD display The CFG LCD tool used for con purposes only and not for normal operation Note the CFG LCD will program the UDACT 9100 The CFG is used on the DACT 5000 and UDACT 9000 228 2 IN USA 8910228 REV B 2 OF 2

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