Potter DPCMS-RM Riser Mount Corrosion Monitoring Station for Dry Systems

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DPCMS RM POTTER CORROSION STATION RISER MOUNT Pressure up to 175 psiG Range 40 to 120 40 to 49 Holders Qty 2 included Information number 1119547 dpCms rm dry Kits number Options Coupon Holder assembly Coupon replacement test Kit Coupon probe replacement test Kit potter Corrosion monitoring probe Kit for servicing and monitoring of test specimens corrosion without interruption to fire protection Test material strip may be an excessive amount of corrosion taking place in the CPRTK2 Coupon Probe Replacement Test Kit contains the monitoring probe and test coupons from a dpCms rm The probe is not for analysis It allows the fire sprinkler administrator to leave the coupons in the system until the probe activates the pressure switch Rack Installation see Fig 1 Assemble Install Coupon Installation see Fig 1 2 3 4 Take Assemble Figure 2 Attach the Coupon Holder Assemblies quantity 2 in the Open sure to leave the coupon isolation valve open to the fire sprinkler system Verify all valves are in the correct position and the corrosion station is free of any leaks Fill electric signal Company 2081 Craig road st Louis mO 63146 4161 in usa 5401181 rev C paGe 1 OF 3 POTTER CORROSION STATION RISER MOUNT 1 DPCMS RM Assembly number rack riser mount Holder assembly 2 Coupon steel Cast iron Cast iron Close steel X 2 steel Optional 1181 2 2 Corrosion Coupon Holder Assembly 4 Corrosion Coupon Probe Installation Diagram 1149 2A 3 Corrosion Monitoring Probe 1181 3 npt npt FemaLe FOr ps10 1 system sprinklers OR PLUG RISER 1181 5 in usa 5401181 rev C paGe 2 OF 3 5 DPCMS RM Outline Drawing AND CAPS FOR RACK OPTIONAL PLUG POTTER CORROSION STATION RISER MOUNT HOLDER LABEL HOLDER PIPE NPT RISER BY OTHER 1181 6 3 system in usa 5401181 rev C paGe 3 OF 3

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