Potter PCMS Corrosion Monitoring Station

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PCMS POTTER CORROSION MONITORING STATION Pressure Up to 175 PSIG Range 40 to 120 4.5 49 Holders Quantity 4 included Pending INFORMATION Model Description No No 2.5 Schedule 40 3 Schedule 40 4 Schedule 40 6 Schedule 40 8 Schedule 40 Coupon Holder Assembly for 3 thru 8 PCMS or the coupon rack and joined together using the 1 exible grooved coupling provided The exible grooved serve as a union and will aide in aligning the rack to the test spool 4 Provide support for the coupon rack Hangers should installed at the end of the coupon rack as not to obscure view of the orientation label Hangers must be installed accordance the NFPA standards or as required by local The Test Spool Assembly Item 1 of g 1 and the Rack Item 2 if Fig 1 must be installed on the horizontal plane 2.5 Schedule 10 3 Schedule 10 4 Schedule 10 6 Schedule 10 8 Schedule 10 Coupon Holder for 2.5 PCMS model PCMS is a corrosion monitoring station of a test spool and coupon rack that is installed a re sprinkler main or branch line to monitor corrosion a re sprinkler system The PCMS is designed to conditions within the main or branch line that is installed The coupon rack can be isolated from test spool and easily accessed for servicing and of test specimens coupons sprinkler etc interruption to re protection Test material strip coupons are installed into the coupon rack by use of coupon holders Spool and Coupon Rack Assmbly and Installation Fig 1 Install the Test Spool Assembly Item 1 of Fig 1 into re sprinkler main or branch line with the grooved and gaskets provided Position the outlets so are on the top and bottom of the spool piece Support test spool as required Install the end caps with the grooved couplings and provided onto the ends of the Coupon Rack Item 2 Fig 1 The products label should be and in proper orientation on the outside edge of the rack Assemble the trim in accordance with the drawing in Fig 1 of this document The trim can be on the PCMS components at any time during installation process Be sure to properly position all of components The trim installed separately on the spool Electric Signal Company 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 Assemble a corrosion coupon on to the coupon holder shown in Figure 2 Attach coupon to holder with the nonconductive screw and nut Follow these provided with coupon Install Coupon Holder Assemblies Item 13 in Fig 1 sprinklers etc in the recommended 1 NPT outlet tting on the coupon rack assembly as indicated in Figure 3 the label on the coupon rack assembly Plug all remaining ttings not used in the Coupon Rack Assembly Be to close the drain valve and open the coupon rack valves upon lling of the re sprinkler system Fill out the coupon card completely for the coupon Forward the coupon and completed card to the supplier after the required amount of time Coupon Installation See Fig 1 2 3 IN USA MKT 8900260 REV J MFG 5401137 10 06 1 OF 3 1 ASSEMBLY PCMS POTTER CORROSION MONITORING STATION IN USA MKT 8900260 REV J MFG 5401137 10 06 2 OF 3 2 CORROSION COUPON HOLDER ASSEMBLY 3 CORROSION COUPON INSTALLATION DIAGRAM PCMS POTTER CORROSION MONITORING STATION are provided for the most common system sprinklers These sprinklers are installed ONLY when their operation will not with the operation of system re sprinklers The operation of sprinklers could delay or prevent operation of system sprinklers 4 PCMS OUTLINE DRAWING

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