Potter F2000 EExd Explosion Proof Beam Smoke Detector

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Smoke Detection 2000 EExd Proof Beam Smoke Detector 2000 EExd system ideally suited to protect large areas potentially explosive atmospheres protection against smoking fires be provided by this beam 2000 EExd an infrared and a receiver both of which are ATEX certified for use in 2 hazardous areas There is a separate safe area wall mounted low level control unit to allow adjustment and testing from a non hazardous location product is designed for large enclosures with oil rigs refineries explosion proof Transmitter and Receiver units stores waste water treatment plants and similar premises It Strength indicating LED an early warning of smoldering smoke generated fires some which may not be picked up by flame detectors installed in many areas For installations complying with UL268 NFPA72 the distance of Detector and Reflector from the ceiling must be 33ft to 330ft 10m to 100m set up and alignment test switch of the distance between floor and ceiling with ATEX and EN54 12 Detection smoke is present in the beam path the received signal is reduced by level determined by the density of the smoke If the smoke reduces VDC or 24 VDC operation selectable fire alarm thresholds 25 35 or 50 latching or auto reset Gain Control AGC alarm and trouble relay contacts Level Control unit using wall bracket 1 2 conduit knock outs on controller threaded on TX RX signal strength to between the obscuration threshold and 93 for 10 seconds the fire alarm relay is activated The alarm may be set to 25 35 or 50 to suit the installation Specification projected beam type smoke detector shall be a 4 wire 12 24 VDC to be used with a separately supplied 4 wire control panel The shall consist of an integrated transmitter and receiver The detector operate between the range of 33ft to 330ft 10m to 100m The range of the beam shall be 4 to 131 20 to The beam detector shall feature automatic gain control which compensate for gradual signal deterioration from dirt accumulation the lens The beam detector shall be ATEX Certified comply with and meet EExd IIB T6 temperature range requirements The shall include one wall mount alignment bracket Testing shall be out by using a calibration test filter The projected beam smoke shall be a FFE Ltd EExd 2000 EExd Wall Bracket 2000 EExd Specification Double pressed sheet steel grade aluminum alloy Approvals Directive 94 9 EC CPD ref 0786 CPD 20196 Rating IP50 Transmitter Receiver IP66 2243 2 G D IP6X EEx d IIB T6 Tamb 20 to 55 210mm 88mm White RAL9010 Red RAL 2002 2.4 lbs 1.1 kg mounting brackets 8.8 lbs 4 kg Controller 8.5 W x 10.3 H x 3.5 D W x 260mm H x 88mm D excluding mounting 4.8 W x 4.8 H x 4.8 D W x 124mm H x 121mm D Outs Controller 7x1 2 M 10 Threaded Specification Input Power to 28 VDC Fuse in Control unit Current 24VDC Current 24 VDC Contacts at 30 VDC resistive Time Seconds maximum Up Time Seconds Wavelength 35 50 Alarm Thresholds 1.25dB 25 1.87dB 35 3dB 50 Rating to 131 20 to 55 Humidity to 93 RH non condensing Range ft 330 ft 10m 100m wiring size AWG earth Holes 9mm Mounting Bracket 124mm Holes 121mm Information EExd Projected beam smoke detector 33ft to 330ft 10m to100m 1 Transmitter 1 Receiver Control Box filter 1 23835 Alignment Bracket 24006 01 Surface Mount Alignment Bracket for ATEX Heads horizontally and vertically for accurate alignment Obscuration Filter and wiring information are provided for information only and believed to be accurate FFE Ltd assumes no responsibility for their use and design are subject to change without notice Installation and wiring are shipped with the products and should always be used for installation For more information contact your Sales Representative Part No 24 0015 04 Ltd Jamike Ave Ste 200 KY 41018 3147 USA 957 1570 534 1526 known as Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd

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