Potter FR3000 EXD Explosion Proof Flame Proof Optical Beam Smoke Detector

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Smoke Detection Transmitter head emits a narrow beam of infra red light to an Receiver head Once smoke crosses through and thus the IR beam path the signal strength at the Receiver drops a preset level which in turn results in an alarm condition Fireray 3000 Exd has been designed so that it can be installed by operator with its laser assisted alignment method combined with to use alignment LEDs offering visual feedback Integrated laser aid can be activated at the Controller Fireray 3000 Exd also has a feature which allows for the Transmitter be powered from the Controller by wiring directly thus reducing the of power supplies required low level system Controller incorporates a LCD display which offers full icon based easy to use interface unit This Controller enables ease commissioning testing and maintenance of the beam detection system commissioning the detector fire sensitivity thresholds can be along with the user variable time to alarm and time to trouble system is fully compliant with the requirements of RoHS and WEEE 3000 Exd Optical Beam Detector Fireray 3000 Exd is ideally suited for the protection of large with potentially explosive atmospheres against smoking fires 3000 Exd comprises an infrared transmitter and a receiver of which are ATEX certified for use in Group 2 hazardous There is a separate safe area wall mounted remote low control unit to allow adjustment and testing from a convenient location product is designed for large enclosures within oil rigs refineries stores and similar premises It provides an early warning of or strongly smoke generative fires which may not be up by flame detectors installed in many hazardous areas Separate transmitter and receiver unit certified to Exd Allows for 2 Detectors per System Controller Range 33ft to 262ft 10 to 80 metres configurable set of Detectors Integral Laser Alignment in Receiver 2 wire Interface between Controller and Receiver Separate Alarm and Trouble Relays per Detector Remote low Level Controller with LCD display Safe Area Programmable Sensitivity and Fire Fault delay Automatic Gain Control AGC for drift compensation First Fix concept for transmitter reciever and controller Multiple cable gland knockouts for ease of wiring Transmitter can be powered from Controller Complies with ATEX Light Cancellation Technology Fireray 3000 Exd complies with the ATEX directive II 2GD IP66 d IIC T6 Gb tb IIIC T85 Db List Additional Detector Inch 203mm Inch 73.50mm 3000 Exd Specification Range Voltage Range Controller Current 1 or 2 Receivers Transmitter Current Down Reset Time and Fault Relay Contacts Temp non condensing Wavelength Indications Unit to 262ft 10 to 80 metres to 36V DC constant per Transmitter seconds 2A 30 Volts DC to 55 14 to131 Fire Fault System OK LEDs for person alignment Controller Transmitter Receiver x Transmitter clear lens x Receiver dark lens x Control Unit x Fixing Kit x Brackets x Transmitter clear lens x Receiver dark lens x Fixing Kit x Brackets V2 PC Free Alloy LM25 red x 20mm 15ATEX1260 Rating Humidity non List System Material Gland Entries Approval figures are quoted for 25 Inch Inch Operation Thresholds Default Max to Alarm Fault in 1 sec steps Time out in 1 min steps Sensitivity Threshold in 1 steps Unit 606g Receiver Inc Brackets 2.513670oz 3.7kg Inch 149mm Inch 190mm Recommendations refer to the User Guide UG for mounting wiring and instructions The installation of the 3000 Exd infrared beam smoke detector should be undertaken in accordance the recognised national or international standards and Codes of COP Information 3000 End to End smoke detector Exd 33ft to 262ft to 80m System includes 1 x Transmitter 1 x Reciever 1 x Control Unit 1 x Fixing Kit 2 x Brackets Detector Pack includes 1 x Transmitter 1 x Reciever x Fixing Kit 2 x Brackets 3000 Controller Back Box and wiring information are provided for information only and are believed to be FFE Ltd assumes no responsibility for their use Data and design are subject to change notice Installation and wiring instructions are shipped with the products and should be used for actual installation For more information contact your Sales Representative Part No 24 0243 04 Limited Jamike Ave Ste 200 Erlanger 41018 3147 USA 859 957 1570 america ffeuk com www ffeuk com

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