Potter F5000 Auto-aligning Reflective Beam Smoke Detector Manual

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Motorised Infrared Beam Smoke Detector Guide on solid surfaces structural wall or girder General Information clear line of from Detector Reflector 4 1 1 Short Range All installations should comply with local regulations For detectors approved to UL268 refer to NFPA72 for installation guidance In such it is advised that the maximum distance of Detector and Reflector from the must be 10 of the distance between floor and ceiling For installations covering less than 18m the Short Range Mask must be used Position beam as high as possible but with a minimum distance of 0.5m from Detector and to ceiling Mount Detector and Reflector directly opposite each other Do NOT position Detector where personnel or objects can enter the beam path Do NOT position 2 Detectors facing each other Detector LED indicator must face downward Do NOT install the Detector or Reflector in environments where condensation or icing are to occur Fitting the Product PCB into Detector indicator must face downward Wiring Diagrams two Detectors onto two Zones Detector 1 Detector 2 1 COM N C COM N C 1 2 C D 36V DC A B COM N C COM N C 1 1 1 Reset 2 2 Note 1 This component is the fire resistor Its value is specified by the Fire Control Panel For U S installations it is typically a short circuit ALWAYS use a separate 2 core cable for each Detector head CAUTION For system monitoring Do not use looped wire under any terminals Break wire to provide monitoring of connections Components not supplied End Of Line EOL component supplied by Fire Control Panel manufacturer Fire Resistor After installation check operation of Fire and Fault connection on Fire Panel Apply a voltage of 5V to 40V to Reset contact for at least 2 seconds to clear a latched condition Wiring Diagrams continued connections for wiring the two Detectors of one Controller onto one Zone COM N C COM N C C D A COM N C B COM N C 1 1 1 wiring to other types of Fire Control Panel or to wire multiple Controllers onto one Zone to additional installation instructions supplied with the product Apply power One System Controller can be used to control and monitor up to two Detector heads symbol in this guide is used to represent the number of the Detector currently selected or 2 seconds seconds seconds Commissioned system Detectors have been found but the selected Detector is not Detector is connected but not normal on system Communications fault or no Detector connected Enter Pass Code to Access Engineering Menu Pass Code screen Default Pass Code 1 2 3 4 An incorrect Pass Code will return the display digit between digits the Pass Code entry screen Three incorrect attempts will lock access for minutes Find Detectors is automatically displayed the first time this process is run can also be accessed the System Controller settings menu Find must be performed when adding or removing a to an already system will be the number Detectors found Press enable Detectors at any point 60s countdown Any unused Detector channels are switched off Press re scan if number is incorrect seconds Select Power Mode In A mode default during operation the system take 5.5mA if one Detector connected or 8mA if two are connected Laser targeting Auto and Home functions the will take 36mA In A mode selected via the Controller settings the system will take or 8mA in ALL modes of The Detector will more slowly during Align targeting and Home so it recommended to leave the set to A if the is available Select Detector Select Detector to be accessed All Detectors need to be aligned separately Steps 9 to12 explain how to align individual Detectors Select Distance between Detector and Reflector Select 8 50m default or 100m for each Detector LASER Targeting system will signal Fault while in this mode LASER is used to align the Detector with the Reflector It After Auto Align the LASER will not necessarily be pointing on the Reflector Use move the LASER as close to the Reflector as possible One press of an arrow key results in one movement of the Detector head Press turn off the LASER and return to the Settings menu Refer to Additional Detector Information for troubleshooting if LASER is not visible an approximate alignment tool RADIATION AVOID EYE EXPOSURE OUTPUT 5mW IIIa LASER 630 680 nm Alignment Select to automatically align the infrared beam Signal Strength will be shown during Alignment If the LASER is turned on it will not necessarily be pointing on the Reflector after is this is normal If ends with an error code refer to troubleshooting 2 minutes 25 minutes 0 100 Calibrate When is displayed press When is displayed cover the Reflector with a non reflective material and leave the Reflector is still uncovered then press When is displayed uncover the Reflector and leave uncovered then press Repeat Steps 8 to 12 for any other Detectors found during the process System is Aligned Green LED on Detector will flash every 10 seconds and Signal Strength should be between and 101 Default values 35 Fire Threshold 10 second delay to Fire and Fault Non Latching mode Manual Fire and Fault Tests installation or cleaning it is recommended that a manual Fire and Fault test is Test Cover the Reflector slowly so that it takes longer than 5 seconds to cover The Controller will signal Fire to the Fire Control Panel after the delay to fire has expired default Test Cover the Reflector completely within 2 seconds The System Controller will signal back to the Fire Control Panel after the delay to fault has expired 10s default Remote Fire Test is possible to perform a Fire Test from the System Controller to test the wiring to the Fire Panel The Remote Fire Test is acceptable for Fire Authority Acceptance and Routine per UL268 5 Fire LED Test will signal Fire Controller will stay performing the test exit Wiring Test Controller signals to Fire Control Panel Fire Threshold setting is the threshold at which the Detector will detect a fire factory setting 35 for each Detector Sensitivity can be adjusted in 1 steps by pressing up or down keys Press accept setting Fire Threshold Ranges between and Reflector Threshold 26.2 32.8 49.2 72.2 131.2 196.8 Approved Sensitivity Ranges with EN54 12 for sensitivity levels between 25 and 35 with a m

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