Potter F5000 Auto-aligning Reflective Beam Smoke Detector

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Smoke Detection 5000 Beam Smoke Detector Fireray 5000 System is an auto aligning self correcting infrared ground level controller In addition each system controller houses Up to 2 Detector Heads reporting to One Ground Level Controller Range of 26.2 ft to 328 ft 8 m to 100 m Long range prism kit extends range from 160ft 50m 330ft 100m Built in Laser assisted prism mounting Auto Alignment 2 to 4 minutes per head AutOptimise Auto Correction due to building shift Separate Trouble and Alarm relays for each of the 2 channels Contamination compensation Password protected settings Low current draw 5 to 8.5mA Built in 1 2 conduit knock outs on the system controller Programmable alarm thresholds 10 60 in 1 increments Programmable Fault and Alarm delay 2 30 Seconds system shall be capable of programming alarm thresholds of 10 to in 1 increments The system shall be capable of programming to fault and delay to alarm from 2 seconds to 30 seconds in 1 increments Test and acceptance of the system shall be carried out using the UL ULC FM approved internal electronic obscuration The projected beam type smoke detector shall be a 4 wire 24 VDC to be used with a separately supplied 4 wire control panel The 5000 Auto Align function ensures proper alignment and maximum signal the beam installation AutoOptimise automatically steers and the beam in the optimum position for reliable performance back to the receiver element is analyzed for the presence of The internal microprocessor determines an alarm condition a predetermined level obscuration is reached system is designed to be mounted so the beam will project 19 0.5m and 24 0.6m below the ceiling Lateral detection be up to 30ft 9.144m on either side of the beam providing a total coverage area of up to 19,800 square feet 60ft x 330ft 18.29m x 100m For installations complying with UL268 NFPA72 projected beam type smoke detector shall be listed to U L 268 and consist of up to two integrated transmitter receiver detector heads single low level remote control unit The detector shall operate a range of 26.2 ft to 328 ft 8 m to 100 m The temperature of the system shall be 4 to 131 20 to 55 The detector heads shall include an integral built in laser pointer to prism mounting The beam detector shall feature automatic gain which will compensate for gradual signal deterioration from dirt on the lenses and prisms The beams detector heads shall AutoOptimise self correcting motorized head feature to ensure is always receiving maximum signal available and shall automatically for building shift The unit shall include a low level remote and control unit with LCD read out for set up reporting and of up to 2 separate detector heads The System shall have Trouble and Alarm relays for each of the 2 channels 5000 5000 Rating Retardant PC UL94 V0 Grey Black Controller 3.24 lbs 1.47 kg 5.28 H x 5.16 L x 5.28 W H x 131mm L x 134mm W 3.43 H x 9.06 L x 7.95 W H x 230mm L x 202mm W 0.37 H x 4.13 L x 3.94 W H x 105mm L x 100mm W Input Power Current Current Contacts Time Up Time Wavelength Threshold Rating Humidity Between each Controller to 36 VDC Current Mode 5mA to 8.5mA depending on number of detector used Current Mode 37mA 24VDC to 8.5mA 24VDC depending on of detector heads used 30VDC Resistive Seconds maximum Seconds 60 35 Default to 131 20 to 55 UL Listed Installations 32 to 100 to 38 to 93 RH non condensing ft to 328 ft 8 m to 100 m AWG 1 Pair to be accurate FFE Ltd assumes no responsibility for their use Data and are subject to change without notice Installation and wiring instructions are with the products and should always be used for actual installation For information contact your Sales Representative only and are Sales and Distribution Limited Jamike Ave Ste 200 KY 41018 3147 USA 1 859 957 1570 america ffeuk com www ffeuk com UL S3417 ULC S3417 MEA 22 08 E CSFM 7260 1508 104 FM Approved Maryland 2243 Information cid 3 to 330ft 5m to 100m System includes 1 Head 1 Controller and cid 20 cid 3 Prism Additional Detector Head and cid 20 Prisms Use to one additional head per 5000 10 cid 22 Universal Alignment Bracket Used with F 5000 Head 5000 007 and 5000 008 Universal 130 Alignment Bracket Used with F 5000 Head 5000 007 and 5000 008 cid 3 Wall Bracket Mounts 1 or 4 Prisms cid 3 4 Prism Alignment Adaptor Plate 1 Prism Alignment Adaptor Plate Controller Back Box Semi Flush Trim Plate for 5000 009 cid 3 Detector Surface Mount Uni Box cid 3 Detector 2 gang Mounting Plate Ceiling Pendant Mount Bracket Wire Protective Cage for Detector cid 3 Wire Protective Cage for Controller cid 3 Prism Part No 24 0318 0 cid 23

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