Potter HP-25T Series Remote Mini-horn

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HP 25T TYPE MINI HORN Low current consumption Wide operating voltage range Input terminals 12 18 AWG 2 tone selection continuous or temporal code 3 Terminal sound synchronization requires a sync module SMD 103A FIRE decal included Available in red or white Mounts to a single gang box handy box HP 25T is designed for alarm signaling in hotels offices schools or any individual room where effective audible warning is by federal state or local authority having jurisdiction When voltage from a fire alarm control panel FACP is applied to HP 25T it produces either a continuous tone or a temporal patter tone which can be selected by a switch HP 25T can be synchronized when used with the SMD10 3A module Specifications audible alarm indicating appliance shall be Potter Model HP 25T equivalent device The horn shall be listed under UL 464 Standard audible signaling appliance and shall be approved for fire protective The sound ouput shall be 81.8dB at ten feet The horn shall two different field selectable temporal or steady tones and a and low field selectable sond output setting The signaling mini shall operate on 24V DC from a non coded regulated DC supply full wave rectified unfiltered supply The horn shall be capable wall or ceiling mounting to a single gang box Audible signaling shall be installed in accordance with current NFPA guidelines Voltage Information RMS Operating Sound Output mA 10 ft DC FWR Regulated 24V DC The sound output is at minimum voltage rating of 16VDC Higher voltages will have higher output White DC DC Terminal or 120 49 inches mm 6.5 Horn Wiring Mounting DIAGRAM FOR AUDIBLE CLASS B CIRCUIT WITHOUT SILENCE FEATURE MODULE SMD10 3A H BOTH TERMINALS OR FOR CONNECTION WIRE RUN TO PROVIDE SUPERVISION NEXT OR 3 4 69.2 3 8 35 3 4 45 Gang Box IN USA Electric Signal Co LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 240 1870 Tech Support 866 956 1211 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com 8850049 REV C 1 OF 1

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