Potter HPS-24 Series Remote Horn with Silencer

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HPS 24 SERIES HORN WITH SILENCER HPS 24 is designed for alarm signaling in apartments suites or any individual room where effective audible warning is required by federal or local authority having jurisdiction The mini horns produce a high sound output with a minimum current draw of just 15mA at 24V DC HPS 24 versions are silenceable mini horns equipped with a Silence push button and a red LED to indicate Active Signal Circuit when lit The button allows the user to silence the mini horn for a maximum of 10 minutes upon which the mini horn will sound again until the signal ciruit Information Range Type Range DC FWR 28.8V wire Wall or Ceiling 140 10 60 24R 24W Voltage Level Spherical Typical audible alarm indicating appliance shall be Amseco model HPS 24 silenceable mini horn or equivalent device The horn shall be listed inches mm Horn Wiring Mounting Gang Box next device end of line IN USA MKT 8850075 REV C 1 OF 1

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