Potter HUB-T Dual Button Hold-Up Switch

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HUB T BUTTON CUL Listed 2 1 16 W x 3 7 16 L x 1 1 4 H 52,4 cm W x 87,3 cm L x 2,7 cm H 2.4 oz 68,0 g Rating 3 Amps at 28V DC AC 05 Amp at 125V DC Resistive ABS Plastic Range 32 to 140 85 maximum humidity Limitations Not recommended for outdoor use or use in coolers or freezers The HUB T To Optional Latching Operation the installed button caps and discard Replace with alternate caps supplied Align the cap such that the latching is directly over the latching ramp in the base illustration at right 996 6 CAP RAMP Shown with cover unlatch the HUB T insert the reset key provided with the HUB T the switch cap and the base The unit unlatches when the cap released No 2020132 HUB T Series Hold Up Buttons provide two sets of momentary latching DPDT contacts for actuating surveillance cameras or other applications in addition to the hold up signal The two sets contacts may be used independently of each other or they may be in series with a jumper wire for additional protection against alarms See illustration on page 2 in accordance with UL 681 Devices should be installed so cannot be observed by the public and so they can be operated At least one shall be installed in each vault open business hours In banks they shall also be installed in of ces a view of the public space Shown without cover OUT FOR SURFACE WIRING JUMPER WIRE EXIT EXIT 996 1 OUT FOR MOUNT WIRING Electric Signal Company 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 8900085 REV L 1 OF 2 BUTTON Open Hold up Circuit With EOL Supervision Normally Closed Hold up Circuit With EOL Supervision Shown without cover CAMERA OUT FOR SURFACE WIRING CAMERA EXIT 997 1 HOLD UP ZONE HOLD UP ZONE interlock requires both buttons to be activated simultaneously before alarm will occur Any single button will activate camera Jumpers required IN USA 8900085 REV L 2 OF 2

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