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Potter IntelliPurge Nitrogen Purge Valve order to combat corrosion in dry and pre action systems it is that dry 98 pure nitrogen is delivered throughout the sprinkler system The Potter IntelliPurge Nitrogen Purge INS PV offers the latest in Nitrogen Purging technology by monitoring and controlling the purging process The INS is equipped with a long lasting nitrogen sensor that allows end of line monitoring for each fire sprinkler system Utilizing a custom module the INS PV is able to detect when the system has correct nitrogen levels and turn off purging This limits the run on the nitrogen generator compressor while ensuring the proper of corrosion control Benefits Consistent Nitrogen Level Monitoring Local Display Intelligent Control Stops purging as soon as the systems protected BMS connectivity and notification Advance IntelliDry Purging Method Designed for freezer applications moisture is not an option Simple Installation Attached to our Potter Purge Valve no wall or bracing required Power Required 24V AC DC NEMA 2 Enclosure Optional IntelliPurge Remote Annunciator allows convenient control of INS PV units IntelliPurge Purge Valve Information for Potter Corrosion Solutions Sales Technical Support

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