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VSR AT Waterflow Alarm Switch Auto Test Feature VSR AT is a flowswitch with an electronic retard that can be tested without discharging water from the sprinkler system When auto test feature in initiated the VSR AT performs a self test to compliance with UL and FM requirements regarding waterflow retard time and paddle integrity successful test will momentarily activate both sets of normally open on the flow switch If the auto test detects a problem with the stem assembly or if there is no water in the pipe neither contact will activate and the flowswitch will indicate a trouble at the test switch and transmit a trouble signal to the fire panel No water discharge Easy push button testing All low voltage DC wiring Saves time and money Features Information CUL and FM Approved Pressure 450 PSI 31 BAR UL Sensitivity Range for Signal 4 10 GPM 15 38 LPM UL Surge 18 FPS 5.5 m s Ratings 2.5 AMP 125 250 VAC 30 VDC Requirements 24 VDC Current Draw Standby 20mA Alarm 65mA Autotest 120mA Entrances Two knockouts provided for 1 2 conduit Specifications NEMA 4 IP54 Rated Enclosure suitable for indoor or outdoor use factory installed gasket and die cast housing when used with conduit fitting Temperature Range 40 120 4.5 49 UL Non corrosive sleeve factory installed in saddle Use Sprinkler NFPA 13 or two family dwelling NFPA 13D occupancy up to four stories NFPA 13R Fire Alarm Code NFPA 72 same model works for horizontal or vertical installations with water up down and left right handed flow as well as with any conventional addressable fire panel All you need to know is the size of pipe Pipe Size PCB 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 for Remote Testing Ordering Information Number Zone Test Control Zone Test Control Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 866 956 1211 www pottersignal com

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