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RBVS Ball Valve Solenoid Coil Supervisory Switch Model RBVS is designed to monitor the fully open or closed position of a ball valve installed in a sprinkler as well as monitor the position of a coil on a solenoid for a preaction deluge system Universal Ball Valve Solenoid Coil Switch 1000065 tamper Kit Optional 0090224 UL Listed FM Approved Features M Includes mounting hardware to supervise coils on most solenoids M Assembled in USA M Fits most lever tee type ball valves up to 2 M Fits most backflow preventers up to 2 M Operates on open or closed valves M Accommodates up to 12 AWG wire M Optional field installed cover tamper switch kit 0090224 M RoHS compliant Requirements now be used to satisfy NFPA 13 2019 requirement for Actuator Questions Q What type of mounting is included A The unit includes a small bracket and clamp to allow the RBVS to directly to the nipple on the coil of a solenoid valve Q Is there a cover tamper switch available A Yes If an attempt is made to remove the RBVS by the removal of the brackets the unit will be set into the tripped mode by this action go into effect January 1st 2021 800 325 3936 sales pottersignal com www pottersignal com

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