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CoilKeeper Coil Supervisory Switch CoilKeeper coil supervisory switch is designed to monitor the that operates the releasing solenoid used in preaction and systems and to indicate if the coil is not properly installed on the Requirements NFPA 13 2019 requirement for Actuator Supervision Coil Supervisory Switch 1010500 Listed CE Actuator Supervision Effective January 1 2021 of an electric actuator from the preaction or deluge that it controls shall result in an audible and visual of system impairment at the system releasing panel 1 Questions Does the CoilKeeper work with any releasing solenoid CoilKeeper has been tested by UL to be compatible with most solenoids See document 5401607 for the complete of compatible solenoids Can the CoilKeeper connect to any fire panel or releasing panel Yes There is no panel compatibility listing requirement more information visit NFPA 13 for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems 2019 edition 2018 National Fire Protection Association not included Provides confirmation of coil actuator placement Provides visual indication of coil actuator status Detects open or shorted coils Detects coils actuators not installed on solenoid Mounts locally on solenoid or remotely Information Supervisory Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 314 595 6900 www pottersignal com

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