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WET PIPE System Inerting Potter AquaN2 Kit is designed to quickly and effectively purge oxygenated from a wet fire protection system and replace it with high purity nitrogen gas the oxygen levels in wet fire protection systems is essential in protecting system from the effects of oxygen related corrosion often found at the air interface in the fire sprinkler piping It Works the AquaN2 Kit which includes the Nitrogen Injection Manifold NIM and the X Haust Manifold QXM in combination with a Potter Automatic Air Release or Potter Air Vent PAV and a nitrogen source can easily remove up to of oxygen from a wet system removing as much air as possible the fire sprinkler system will have increased eliminating delayed activation or cyclic activation of vane type detectors AquaN2 Installation Vent Vent with Pan Flow VALVE SHOWN PAV TEST VALVE X Haust Injection E A T U R E S systems by 2.8X Quickly removes oxygen from wet Extends life expectancy of sprinkler Lowers sprinkler maintenance UL listed and FM approved Air for fire sprinkler systems Information Kit Injection and Quick Manifold Vent Vent w Drip Pan Cylinder Regulator Hose Analyzer Test Switch Electric Signal Company LLC sales pottersignal com 866 956 1211 www pottersignal com PIPE IntelliGen Nitrogen Generators IntelliGen Series of Nitrogen Generators are specifically designed to on site 98 purity nitrogen for use in fire protection sprinkler systems used as a supervisory gas in fire sprinkler systems nitrogen slows corrosion the life of a system and lowers maintenance costs All IntelliGen Generators use nitrogen membrane technology for gas separation membranes are a highly effective and cost conscious way of producing nitrogen systems include an integrated air compressor nitrogen membrane all filtration equipment tanks and the Potter IntelliGen Controller Potter Controller ensures contractors the easiest setup and operation of nitrogen generator system in the industry Each unit is designed to be able to on and walk away The built in monitoring capabilities will make corrections alert the user of any necessary changes Watch the Potter IntelliGen Nitrogen Generator overview video pttr us INS overview IntelliGen Installation Nitrogen Purge Valve Valve Air Device Nitrogen Type Valve VALVE VALVE TEST VALVE Units Units E A T U R E S Pending Fully automates the air and nitrogen fill procedure Advance leak rate detection Web Enabled system can be monitored anywhere there is connectivity and send email alerts Potter IntelliGen Controller FM Approved per Approval Bypass alarm 1035 Information Series Generator N2 Valve Purge Valve Analyzer Valve Filters Information Device Electric Signal Company LLC sales pottersignal com 866 956 1211 www pottersignal com

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