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VSR AT Waterflow Alarm Switch Auto Test Feature Flow Auto Test Specifications and install a Potter VSR AT Vane type AUTO TEST flow switch at fire sprinkler system connection to the wet pipe main where indicated on drawings and plans and as required by applicable local and national codes and wetted parts of the water flow switch shall be non metallic Water flow switch enclosure be NEMA 4 rated and shall be held captive by tamper resistant screws The device shall listed for pressures up to 450 psi maximum water surges of 18 fps and alarm activation by 10gpm electronic retard shall also contain a motor and software that allow the flow switch to be tested without discharging out of the system The test shall ensure that water is in the pipe as well as ensure the integrity of the paddle and trip assembly The test is initiated by a separate test switch developed specifically for the flow switch test switch shall consist of a key switch momentary pushbutton switch and LED Activation of the key switch shall the momentary push button switch Depressing the push button shall initiate the test of the flow switch As the is being tested the LED shall flash once per second until the retard time expires At that point the flow switch conduct a test to ensure compliance with the applicable UL standard for water flow If the test is successful the switch outputs shall activate for approximately two and automatically restore to normal The LED on the test switch shall momentarily steady on and then turn off allowing the key switch to be turned off An unsuccessful shall be indicated by no activation of the switch contacts and the test LED shall flash times per second continuously The test can also be initiated by a Listed relay from a addressable FACP however there would not be the LED to provide the visual status The single gang box test switch shall be a model ATC 1 for testing a single device ATC 4 for testing up to four devices manufactured by Potter Electric Signal Company Switch assembly shall be UL Listed and FM Approved Test Switch Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 866 956 1211 www pottersignal com

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