Potter IPA-4000V Integrated Voice Emergency Evacuation Panel

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Features single and dual channel applications programming to 2 hours of message storage to 255 customizable audio patterns message library of predefined messages and tones to record and import message files from a laptop to translate custom text through a variety of natural and sounding voices up to 104 programmable push buttons for speaker and ECS push buttons for All Call supervised auxiliary input to interface with low level audio sources Music up to 31 SCA single channel or DCA dual channel amplifiers with LOC 1000 Local Operator Console to control the system remote areas Fire Fighters Telephone system features of the IPA 4000 included IPA 4000V is an enhanced version of the IPA 4000 addressable fire system now with voice integration The panel features all pre fire highlights and shares new innovative voice functionalities provide reliability and safety with the panel The panel introduces VM 1000 voice module and digital message repeater to deliver to designated remote amplifiers The VM 1000 contains two channels audio riser outputs to support single and dual channel The voice module also includes a supervised low level auxiliary to interface with external audio sources and supports applications background music The IPA 4000V is equipped with an ECS interface providing 8 programmable push buttons for speaker and zone assignment LED indicators to display activity and trouble and common user function buttons for All Call and CTRL optional SB 24 Switch Board w 24 Programmable Switches will 24 additional programmable push buttons A maximum of four 4 can be installed offering up to 96 programmable push buttons IPA 4000V can link up to thirty one 31 SCA single channel or DCA dual channel amplifier amplifiers thirty 30 LOC local operator console and one 1 FFT 1000 Firefighter Telephone Potter Panel Programmer introduces Audio Patterns which allows to select and create audio files easily and effectively from the user The programmer offers an internal library of predefined message tones for common emergency conditions Audio Patterns provides ability to conveniently record and import audio files directly from a The exclusive Text To Speech feature translates custom digital into fluent and natural sounding voices Offering multiple voices and to accommodate customer preferences Fire Dept of Approval Mains Specifications 3 8 x 29 1 8 x 4 7 8 Amps 120 VAC 50 60 HZ Amps 240 VAC 50 60 HZ gauge cold rolled steel with removable locked door Lexan viewing window Current 130 mA Current 220 mA Amps power for NACs I O and P Link Amps per NAC regulated Amp per I O circuit regulated Battery Charger range 8 55 Ah Battery Charger voltage 27.3 VDC maximum current of 1 Amp to 120 0 to 49 with a maximum humidity of non condensing and Range 12 12A 13 15 16 17 17A 70 72 92,750 2001 864 Local L Remote Station RS Station CS Propriety PPU Auxiliary Type of Service Automatic A Manual Water flow WF Sprinkler Supervisory SS of Signaling Digital Alarm Communicator March Time March Non Coded NC Polarity Rev Pol Other Technologies International Building Code PAGE 1 OF 3 Alarm Control Panel8830182 REV B 2 22Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comfirealarmresources com to Page Requested Controlled Controlled Accessory Switch bank with 24 programmable push buttons Maximum of 4 SB 24s Interface IPA 4000V panel incorporates a SB 8 user interface to display ECS system status The panel is shipped with the LEDs common push buttons include All Call Reset and Ctrl IPA 4000V has a proprietary communication protocol that through a RS 485 connection to field devices Up 64 devices may be connected to a single P Link connection The includes the communication terminals and regulated 24 VDC for the field devices The field devices may be any of the Single channel 25W 25V amplifier Single Channel 25W 25V or 70V selectable amplifier Single channel 50W 25V amplifier Single Channel 50W 25V or 70V selectable amplifier Single Channel 100W 25V or 70V selectable amplifier Dual channel 50W 25V amplifier Dual channel 100W 25V amplifier Local operator console Fire fighter telephone system Firefighter Telephone System Right Hinge Door Firefighter Telephone System Left Hinge Door Releasing Devices For releasing applications please order the Potter EOLD for circuits connected to a releasing solenoid or actuator Max Series MX200 w 8876677 889323 11601 11602 13843 13844 PAGE 2 OF 3 REV B 2 22Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comIPA 4000VFire Alarm Control Panelfirealarmresources com 20 1 8 21 3 8 4 7 8 4 1 4 28 29 1 8 Information No Fire Alarm Releasing Control Panel 3992717 PAGE 3 OF 3 REV B 2 22Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comIPA 4000VFire Alarm Control Panelfirealarmresources com

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