Potter IS-24 Ionization Smoke Detector

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IS 24 SMOKE DETECTOR ULC CSFM Listed FM Approved Source AM 241 0.5 Voltage 17.7 30.0 VDC Voltage 15.0 33.0 VDC Voltage 42 VDC Current 40 at 24 VDC Current 200 at 24 VDC Current 150 mA at 24 VDC Temperature 32 F to 120 0 C to 49 C Test Refer to Potter SB Series Smoke Detector Base Series activated dual reed switch test no 8840008 Stock No 1430010 approximately the detector a reference chamber and the smoke sensing chamber of each chamber Smoke can freely enter the sensing chamber the inner chamber is virtually sealed to smoke Smoke entering the Features Low 2 Highly Low Two Non directional Vandal Built in Meets NFPA 72 Chapter 7 Inspection Testing and Maintenance Compatible Backwards Compatible Canada 888 882 1833 SMOKE DETECTOR in the chamber to ensure testing of the detector electronics not required testing only under Normal Standby conditions Abnormal Specifications smoke detector shall have two flashing status LED for visual Sensitivity Test Feature Procedure With detector wired to appropriate initiating circuit or current shown in Fig 1 Wait not light Place Wait N T P N O N T P N O 1 2 884306 4

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