Potter LPAD100 Series Detector Testing

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Testing PAD100 Series Devices document provides information on the recommended method for functionally testing PAD100 series detectors This information also available in the installation instructions packaged with every PAD100 series detector base The installation instructions for the bases provide important information in addition to the functional testing procedures outlined in this document is required periodically to determine if each detector operates properly Detectors will offer maximum performance when in compliance with NFPA 72 testing disable all alarm signal services suppression systems and critical equipment interlocks Be sure to re enable those items testing is completed FACP must be placed into Walk Test Mode before performing the functional tests described below the panel is in Walk Test the CO detectors will respond quickly to the recommended test aerosol eliminating the need to a specific concentration of CO for a prolonged period Failure to activate during a test indicates a defective detector that be replaced immediately Functional Test Methods PAD100 PD and PAD100 PHD Smoke Detectors Use an ANSI UL listed aerosol such as Home Safeguard Model 25S or SDi Centurion as acceptable to the Authority Having Jurisdiction AHJ The LED indicator on the smoke detector will flash when detector is activated PAD100 PHD and PAD100 HD Heat Detectors Use of a low powered heat gun is acceptable do not heat detector over 210 F Maintain a minimum of 1 foot between the detectors and heat gun for a minimum of 10 seconds The LED indicator on heat detector will flash rapidly when detector is activated PAD100 CD Carbon Monoxide Detector Use the Home Safeguard Model HO CO2 Aerosol with Home Safeguard Model Head VT1 or the SDI Solo C6 Aerosol with SDI Solo 330 Dispenser as acceptable to the Authority Having Jurisdiction Never use exhaust from vehicle to test CO detector Exhaust may cause permanent damage to detector and voids the The LED indicator on the CO detector will flash rapidly when detector is activated PAGE 1 OF 1 Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal com8870044 REV A 5 18PAD100 Series Detector Testingfirealarmresources com

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