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PUBLIC SAFETY TESTING and Document Critical Coverage Testing and Reporting Ensure in building coverage for First Responders and Business Critical communications Simultaneously test coverage and signal quality across multiple LMR and cellular networks Comply with NFPA 1221 IFC 510 and local code requirements Automatically generate real time pass fail results and printable reports Streamline the building approval process TESTING SAVES TIME MONEY Measure Report It That Easy manual processes and ensure critical communications radio coverage with the PCTEL Public Safety Testing Solution Our streamlined grid based testing tool makes it easy to meet or enforce local building for Emergency Radio Responder Coverage ERRC The simple pass fail grading system is also a great way ensure coverage for life safety and business critical radio networks grids and set up tests Import a floorplan Add grids per floor Identify test locations and critical test points Select frequencies Configure pass fail criteria MEASURE tests and grade by threshold multiple channels and technologies a simple tap pass fail in real time grid creation tools automatically identify locations P25 DMR etc quality objective to Audio DAQ and uplink automated Design Data CRITICAL LIFE SAFETY Tool Touch tool integration enables you to easily import floor and export test data did the coverage in about 25 of time planned Jason Chambers Day Wireless Area Service Manager EVEN MORE FASTER Public Safety Network Testing Solution additional tools that streamline testing your project lifecycle REPORT generate real time results and reports with one tap Reports can be generated in real time for building by or by channel Save printable reports within minutes Customize pass fail criteria to meet local government business requirements Create multiple reports from one test pass results as Excel Word walk testing detailed data for DAS and small network design baseline testing and optimization Analysis mode for troubleshooting and room work right on your tablet Verification Tool optional fast troubleshooting the DAS and small cell commissioning process mode optional drive and walk testing for and LMR networks with automatic GPS mapping Communications Testing Safety Life Safety Business Critical Public Safety Network Testing Solution combines precision measurement capabilities of the IBflex receiver with our tablet based SeeHawk Touch Choose the kit and options that meet your needs able to do my on site pre walks in half or one third of the time as before when I to do a more manual walk through the to record every single frequency Joseph Rohlic Program Manager and Director of Services at Radio One Safety Radio P25 Safety Radio plus ATT Verizon LTE Safety Radio all cellular bands add on option options Scanning Receiver multi band multi precision radio receiver Bluetooth connectivity Measure all frequencies MHz P25 Signal to Interference plus Ratio SINR Frame and Bit Error Rate BER ID NID 5 Year Warranty of the above plus LTE Layer 3 FirstNet Band class 14 and all ATT LTE bands of the above plus Decode all 2G 3G and 4G cellular All cellular bands 10 3800 MHz DMR SINR Frame BER Extended band range 10 MH 1 GHz 5G New Radio NB IoT LTE LAA LTE MIMO Extended band range to 6 GHz Touch Software collection spectrum and reporting tools on Android tablet Grid test radio channel power technology Grid test P25 signal quality Indoor walk test Signal Analyzer Import floor plans from image or planning tools of the above plus Grid test LTE signal quality Outdoor mode for drive test Antenna Verification Testing AVT of the above plus Grid test UMTS WCDMA quality Grid test DMR signal quality Additional licenses Android tablet Battery pack Back or side pack Walk test antennas Carrying case A C charger of the above plus Vehicular rooftop Car charger of the above Certification training Additional batteries Complex RF Problems is a leading global provider of wireless technology purpose built antenna systems Industrial IoT and test and measurement solutions Trusted by customers for over 25 years we solve complex wireless to help organizations stay connected transform grow more information on Public Safety Network Testing your sales representative or visit pctel com public safety testing solution Inc 1 301 515 0036 pctel com NASDAQ PCTI subject to change without notice PCTEL SeeHawk and IBflex are registered trademarks of PCTEL Inc is a trademark of Google Inc Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG All other trademarks are property their respective owners PCTEL Inc All rights reserved Rev B October 2019

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