Potter PFC-3002T Conventional 2 Zone Fire Panel

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TWO ZONE FIRE ALARM PFC 3002T PANEL Two Class initiating circuits One Class indicating circuit Individual Zone Silence Disconnect switches Powerful 3mA capacity per zone for 2 wire Common alarm Relay contact Form C 28 VDC 3 AMP detectors Selectable common trouble contact 28 VDC 3 Amp Resistive A C ON LED Green Zone Alarm LED Red Signal Trouble LED Amber Ground Fault LED Amber Battery Fault LED Amber Alarm Silenced LED Amber Common Trouble LED Silence switch Remote Trouble Indicator output Remote A C On output Selectable 1 minute Signal silence inhibit Extensive Transient Protection on all circuits Exterior color Red or Beige All circuits are power limited PFC 3002T has selectable audible tones which can be gured via DIP switches for Steady and Temporal Code panel also includes a common alarm relay which is gurable via jumper to follow the signal circuit or lock on the alarm has been reset controls are behind a durable locked door The cabinet accommodate a 4 or 8 AH battery pack Stock No 3002001 Stock No 3002002 for Additional Listings PFC 3002T panel is designed for non coded re alarm in small commercial institutional and industrial PFC 3002T includes one circuit board providing all the for a complete re alarm system Two Class circuits and one Class indicating circuit are by the PFC 3002T The indicating circuit is protected shorts by self restoring circuitry includes ground fault detection battery low level open wire fault initiating and indicating circuit wiring faults loss of A C power Initiating circuits are supervised for and ground faults Indicating circuits are supervised for shorts and ground faults LED indicators are provided Zone Alarm Zone Trouble A C On Battery Fault Ground Common Trouble Signal Trouble and Signal Silenced are provided for Zone disconnect silence trouble and reset Electric Signal Company 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal com IN U S A 1 OF 2 8900120 REV A ZONE FIRE ALARM PANEL AND INDICATING WIRING INSTRUCTIONS AND TROUBLE RELAY CONTACTS AND REMOTE WIRING INSTRUCTIONS Speci cations Circuits Voltage Limited Current Resistance of Line Resistor Circuits Voltage Current of Line Resistor Contacts Information No IN U S A VDC ltered and regulated mA mA up to 30 2 wire smoke detectors 100 uA each ohms max 5 1 2W VDC 5 1 2W VDC 3A Resistive x 12.7 322mm H x 2.8 71 mm D Zone Fire Alarm Panel Beige cabinet Zone Fire Alarm Panel Red cabinet Trouble indicator mounts onto a single gang electrical box Mounting Trim Ring 4.0 AH Battery 2 Required 8900120 REV A 2 OF 2

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