Potter PFC-5008 Microprocessor-Based 8 Zone Conventional Fire Panel

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PFC 5008 ALARM CONTROL PANEL 8 Class B Style B 4 Class A Style D Initiating Circuits 4 Class Style D circuits Predefined Initiating Circuits can be configured as Waterflow or Latching Supervisory Selectable Alarm Verification on Initiating Circuits Zone Disconnect Switches 5 Amp Power Supply 4 Class A B Style Z Y Indicating Circuits 1.7 Amps max per Audibles may be configured as Steady Temporal Code California or March Time Auto Signal Silence Auxiliary relay contacts for Common Alarm Common Trouble Common Supervisory Built in RS 485 Interface for RA8F Multiplexed Remote Up to 3 Annunciators Built in Walk Test operation Output for 4 wire resettable regulated smoke power Easy configuration via DIP switches Specs Main 2.0 Amps 120 VAC 60 HZ 1.0 Amp 240 VAC 50 HZ 155 mA Standby PFC 5008 340 mA Alarm PFC 5008 200 mA Standby PFC 5008 with AFCT 460 mA Alarm PFC 5008 with AFCT with the audibles configured for Steady March Time Code or California Code Sync module required for strobe PFC 5008 is equipped with auxiliary relay contacts for Common Trouble and Supervisory If no Supervisory circuits are enabled Supervisory relay becomes a second Alarm relay The cabinet is in a beige color for the Canadian market and a red exterior for U S and International markets Capability 4 24 AH Batteries is provided for up to 12 AH batteries AH Batteries require a separate battery cabinet 7 8 H x 14 1 2 W x 5 D No 3992175 0155 for Additional Listings Modules ARM 4 Quad Relay Module PFC 5008 Fire Alarm Control Panel is a microprocessor based designed for small to medium commercial residential multi institutional and industrial occupancies Fully configurable DIP switches it enables the user to configure the system to meet specific requirements The PFC 5008 is a PFC 5004E with the expansion card factory installed In addition the preassembled contains a UDACT 9100 for digital communication PFC 5008 comes standard with 8 Class B Style B Initiating Circuits may be configured as 4 Class A Style D circuits In addition it equipped with 4 Class A B Style Z Y Indicating circuits which each rated at 1.7 amps The panel also includes a 5 Amp Power Supply powers the system and supplies a 4 wire resettable regulated smoke supply of 24 VDC 100mA maximum PFC 5008 utilizes a simple DIP switch configuration for initiating and indicating circuits as well as the enabling disabling of system functions such as Signal Silence Fire Drill and Disconnect Some predefined initiating circuits can optionally configured Waterflow or Latching Non Latching Supervisory In the PFC 5008 allows for Alarm Verification on the initiating The indicating circuits may be configured as Silenceable or Electric Signal Co LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 240 1870 Tech Support 866 956 1211 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com 1 OF 2 IN U S A MFG 8900106 REV G4 18firealarmresources com ALARM CONTROL PANEL Zone Microprocessor Based Fire Alarm Control Panel c w 8 Class B Style B or 4 A Style D Initiating Circuits 4 Class A B Style Z Y Indicating Circuits and 5 Amp Power Supply Standard with one UDACT 9100 Communicator for UDACT Relay Module c w 4 configurable relays Multiplex Annunciator c w Common Control Features Indicators and 8 Bi LEDs Signal Silence Buzzer Silence Lamp Test System Reset A C On Common Trouble Signal Silence Volt 4 Amp Hr Battery 2 pcs required per panel Volt 8 Amp Hr Battery 2 pcs required per panel Volt 12 Amp Hr Battery 2 pcs required per panel Information No No Modules Annunciator RA8F 2 OF 2 8900106 REV G4 18PRINTED IN U S A firealarmresources com

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