Potter PFC-6006 Conventional Fire Panel for Small or Fire Sprinkler Systems

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Features programmable Initiating Device Circuits Wire Smoke Detector Compatibility Synchronization for potter aMSeCO gentex System Keypad Onboard Ability Description programmable as constant or resettable limited programming and system control The condition and Fire Dept Mains Specifications 18 gauge sheet steel with hinged ma alarm page 1 OF 2 Fire Panel8830038 REV E 4 19Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comfirealarmresources com De Energize Unit Prior to Servicing 60Hz to separate AC circuit 14 AWG or heavier gauge with 600V insulation Monitoring Panel In Out Ring Tip Ring Tip Ring Tip Ring Out In DACT CONNECTION SIGNAL ACTIVATION LEFT RIGHT KEYS AT SAME TO TRIGGER ALARM ACTIVATION DETECTORS THAT ARE SHOWN IN COMPATIBILITY LIST ARE TO BE USED TEST PRESS ENTER 5 6 PRESS THE ESC KEY DONE ON FAULT SIGNAL ACTIVATION LEFT RIGHT ARROWS A B A A B B Conventional Inputs fully programmable support 2 wire smoke detector must be fully tested after installation for indoor use in dry locations only of power limited wiring from non power limited wiring must be at 1 4 in accordance with installation manual Part Number 5403559 Operating instructions Part 5406282 Smoke Detector Compatibility Identifer Commercial Protected Premises Control Unit for UL Installations 70 and NFPA 72 Fire Dept Certificate of Approval 6159 6184 activation requiring activation of two or more automatic detection shall not utilize any time delay Use for UL Installations Local Remote Station Proprietary Central Station connection non power limited two 2 12V batteries connected in series AC 120VAC 60Hz 75 AMP Min Low AC Detect 98VAC Charging 27.3VDC 5A Low Battery Detect 20.4VDC Circuit Impedance Values Circuit 0 Ohms Circuit 10K Fault to any terminal 0 Ohms Fuse Specification 1.6A 250VAC Fuse Specification 2.5A 250VAC ALARM SYSTEM CONTROL UNIT device has been verified to comply with FCC Rules Part 15 A Operation is subject to the following conditions This device may not cause radio interference This device must accept any interference received including any that may cause undesired operation Cooper Wheelock and System Sensor synchronization used with permission Cooper Wheelock Patent Nos 5,400,009 Electric Signal Company LLC POTAL01BSMP with 47 CFR Part 68 in USA board for Serial 5406280 4 1 2019 Information Fire Panel Board No page 2 OF 2 REV E 4 19Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comPFC 6006Conventional Fire Panelfirealarmresources com

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