Potter PFC-6075R 75 Point Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel with Releasing

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75 Analog Addressable Points in Any Combination Software Zones NFPA 72 Compliant Smoke Sensitivity Test Built In Operates as Class A or Class B for SLC P Link and Amp Power Supply NACS Regulated Rated at 3 Amps each listed for releasing Input Output I O Circuits for system flexibility rated at 1 Amp ideal for manual release and abort Synchronization and System Wide Sync for Potter Gentex Cooper Wheelock and System Sensor Event History Buffer Dedicated Alarm Supervisory and Trouble Relays Metal Dead Front Cabinet for Clean Look will house up to 18 AH batteries Optional two line DACT with UD 1000 that can report General or Point Communication Line for Annunciators and Accessories Port for Programming and Network Connectivity System Status Reports and Event Information W x H x D 16 x 17 x 3 7 8 Fire Dept of Approval includes a 5 year warranty PFC 6075R is a versatile seventy five 75 point analog addressable releasing fire alarm control panel that utilizes the Potter device protocol that has a complete line of initiating and control devices The SLC is capable of 50 ohms of resistance and not require the use of twisted or shielded wire The signaling line circuit may be any combination of smoke sensors heat de or modules The PFC 6075R will operate with a small Pre Action water based system or a complex multiple criteria agent system panel is specifically designed for releasing service with software zones for cross zoning counting zones timers and system abort features The display includes Pre Discharge and Discharge LEDs to assist in providing system and releasing status releasing and additional releasing notification circuits may be expanded using the PSN 1000 intelligent power supply complete system may be converted to Class A with a CA 6075 module The CA 6075 provides the hardware necessary to the remote annunciators through the Potter P Link connection protocol the NACs and the SLC to Class A operation panel has auto programming learn mode that will not affect the existing system when adding or deleting a device The system capable of 99 software zones cross zoning and counting zones The panel is fully programmed from a PC based software pro that will work with Microsoft XP Vista or Windows 7.0 operating systems PFC 6075 has an Ethernet connection for programming network connectivity and IP reporting communicator The system has built in e mail function and will send system E mail reminders based on user defined dates The IP communicator is listed with Sur Gard III IP receiver panel will support P Link devices which include the RA 6075R RA 6500R and LED 16 Annunciators RLY 5 Relay SPG 1000 Serial Parallel Gateway printer card FCB 1000 Remote Ethernet IP connection DRV 50 LED driver for 50 PSN 1000 Remote Power Supplies 10 Amp and FIB 1000 P Link Fiber Interface Module In addition the panel allows the installation of the UD 1000 dual line telephone line digital alarm communicator transmitter DACT The UD 1000 is for a single line or dual line and is compatible with Ademco Contact ID or SIA DCS protocols Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 956 1211 Tech Support 866 240 1870 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com 1 OF 4 8830023 REV B11 13PRINTED IN USAPFC 6075RFIRE ALARM RELEASING CONTROL PANELfirealarmresources com Loop Accessories control panel may be connected with up to seventy five 75 addressable devices or modules in any combination The SLC is not restricted any special wire requirements and may be wired with any wire that complies with the NEC Loop Devices Photoelectric Smoke Detector is a smoke detector with a listed obscuration of 1.02 to 3.83 percent per Analog Photo Electric Smoke Heat Detector a photoelectric smoke detector and a fixed tempera 135 Fahrenheit heat detector Fixed Temperature Heat Detector that is selectable from 135 F to 185 Rate or Rise Heat Detector that has a fixed temperature selection from 135 and 174 and also will if the temperature increase 12 15 in one minute Duct Smoke Detector round base that is mounted to an electrical box and wired for connection of one of the above sensors round base that is mounted to an electrical box and wired for connection of one of the above sensors base that interrupts a short in a SLC and prevents the short from affecting protected devices on the loop Relay Base that contains two relays controlled by the SLC One relay is rated at 8 amps at 240 and the other is rated at 2 amps 240 VAC 30 VDC Sounder Base that contains and addressable sounder module that may be configured for local group all call The sounder follows the pattern sent to the device Contact Module provides a small foot print contact module for mounting inside an enclosure Contact Module is a standard contact module with an LED that mounts into a 4 square electrical box Contact Module is a device that can monitor two distinct inputs with a single device or in a Class A mode Relay Module provides two form C relays that simultaneously active when the module is triggered by the panel Each relay is rated for 2 amps at 24VDC or 0.5 amps at 125VAC Output Module switches monitored power and is activated by the control panel Input Zone Module is used to connect conventional smoke detectors Circuit Isolator interrupts a short on the SLC and prevents the short from affecting protected devices on the Devices 31 of each except when noted LCD keypad remote annunciator with a metal enclosure and key lock 160 Character LCD Keypad remote annunciator with metal enclosure and key lock remote annucniator capable of displaying alarms supervisory and trouble status for 16 zones Amp Intelligent power supply Form C Relay Card Printer Card Optional Rack Mount Communications Bridge only 1 may be added for remote IP Communicator Interface Module used in pairs to convert P Link over multimode fiber optional rack mount 2 OF 4 8830023 REV B11 13PRINTED IN USAPFC 6075RFIRE ALARM RELEASING CONTROL PANELfirealarmresources com Circuit Diagram Connectivity Line Amp NAC Candela or Strobe Horn Annunciator Expander Annunciator Notification Expander Output I O Relay Detector Loop Base Detector Sounder Detector Heat Detector Base Detector Relay Output Contact Circuit Contact Contact Action Station Zone Detector Monoxide 3 OF 4 8830023 REV B11 13PRINTED IN USAPFC 6075RFIRE ALARM RELEASING CONTROL PANELfirealarmresources com Releasing Devices 73218BN4UNLVN0C112CZ 753 E Series with PSN 1000 Releasing Expansion Max MX123 MX200 w 8876677 889323 11591 11601 11602 13843 13844 PA0036 Ft Ft to 31 PSN 1000 can be linked PFC 6075R Specification special hazard panel shall be a Potter PFC 6075R addressable releasing control panel The panel shall have seventy five addressable points and have four 4 programmable outputs The addressable points shall be made up of any combination of sensors modules or relays with no limitation of type or number The outputs shall consist of two 2 dedicated outputs at 3 amps each and two input output I O circuits The I O circuits when programmed as input shall be used for manual abort or other dry contact type of inputs When programmed as an output each output shall be rated for a maximum of 1 The panel shall have a RS 485 P Link buss capable of supporting annunciators intelligent power supplies relay modules driver modules serial modules and other modules as called out in the installation literature Th

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