Potter PFC-7500 Series Fire Alarm Communicators

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PFC 7500 SERIES alaRm CommunICatoRS Five zone communicator One class A style D Waterflow Zone Four class B Initiating Zones smoke detector capable w no modules Two optional Form C relays Built in dual phone line Module with Line Monitoring and 24 self test 1.5 amp Notification Circuit PFC 7501 500 mA Auxiliary output LCD or LED Annunciators Fire Drill feature Contact ID 4 2 or DMP SDLC Communication Formats Remote Programmable Available Cross Zoning 16.5 VAC 12 VDC or 24 VDC power input for additional listings ordering Information PFC 7500 series fire alarm communicators provide reliable and monitoring of sprinkler systems where fire alarm panels not required The PFC 7500 series has five input circuits four B circuits and one Class A Style D circuit waterflow zone PFC 7500 is a slave communicator that can be either connected sprinkler system monitoring or as a slave communicator to an fire alarm panel The panel comes standard with a Trouble that mounts directly in the door of the panel The panel be powered with either a WLT transformer and back up battery a or 24VDC from a fire alarm panel with battery backup PFC 7501 is a complete fire alarm control panel with five input and a 1.5 amp notification circuit In addition a total of 500 auxiliary power is provided The panel provides a non supervised VDC notification circuit An optional module is available for a notification circuit Class A B Style Z Y The PFC 7501 standard with the WLT wire in 16.5 VAC transformer of the PFC 7500 series panels can be connected to a LCD or annunciator The panels can be programmed using either a LCD or a computer and programming cable In addition the are remote programmable through Potter Link software PFC 7501 Alarm Communicator Kit is a PFC 7501 panel a WLT VAC transformer and a RA 7690 annunciator The RA 7690 annunciator is both a programmer and annunciator Slave Communicator Fire Alarm Communicator Alarm Communicator Kit without WLT Transformer Assy for PFC 7500 Assy for PFC 7501 LCD Annunciator LED Annunciator VAC Transformer Form C relay Trouble Annunciator Module 8.0 AH Battery Single Action Pull Station Dual Action Pull Station 12 24 VDC Photo Smoke Detector White 12 24 VDC Photo Smoke 12 VDC Bell 12 VDC Bell 12 VDC Bell Bell Backbox 31X Phone Jack 31X 4 Plug to Plug Phone Cord Programming Cable Supervised Notification Module Plug Plug Cord w RJ31X Jack Electric Signal Co LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 240 1870 Tech Support 866 956 1211 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 8840025 REV D 1 OF 2 SERIES alaRm CommunICatoRS VAC 12 VDC or 24 VDC Battery with 12 or 24 VDC VDC 8.0 Ah battery SERIES Output Output Wire Smoke Detector Power Output x 9.5 x 3.75 mA 12 VDC Amps 12 VDC PFC 7501 mA 12 VDC PFC 7501 mA each switched ground Specifications contractor shall furnish and install the Potter PFC 7500 series alarm communicator The PFC 7500 shall be used as slave communicator for a fire alarm control panel or as a sprinkler panel The PFC 7500 shall have one Class A Style D zone and four programmable Class B initiating zones In the PFC 7500 shall have a Trouble Annunciator Module indicate a Green LED for a normal system a Yellow LED for and a silence switch A buzzer shall also annunciate a trouble The PFC 7501 is listed as a fire alarm control panel and the requirements of UL 864 Similar to the PFC 7500 the shall have one Class A Style D waterflow zone and four Class B initiating zones In addition The PFC 7501 have a 1.5 amp notification output as well as a 100mA smoke output panel shall be capable of being powered from a 16.5 VAC wire transformer or powered from a 12 24 VDC fire alarm control panel panel shall have an internal silence reset switch This switch silence the bell circuit and temporarily remove power from the power PFC 7501 only and reset all latched devices on input circuits In addition the panels shall communicate using ID Ademco 4 2 or DMP SDLC The panel shall provide RJ connectors for connecting to telephone lines The panels shall either LCD or LED annunciators The panel shall supervise to four 4 of the RA 7690 LCD annunciators The panel shall programmed either through the RA 7690 or through a computer The panel shall support two optional form C relays IN USA 8840025 REV D 2 OF 2

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