Potter Pipe Failure Corrosion Analysis

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Why did this pipe fail analysis is available for identification of the corrosion mechanism i e pitting corrosion stress corrosion cracking influenced corrosion galvanic corrosion etc of sprinkler pipe The analysis involves removing a section of the failed pipe from the fire sprinkler system and sending to a certified party lab for testing Material flaw quality evaluations will be to determine potentially related factors to the failure condition will include metallographic examination for microstructural flaws abnormalities methods used in the failure corrosion analysis will typically visual examination examination by optical microscopy by scanning electron microscopy SEM metallographic cross sectional examination of material microstructure dispersive spectroscopy EDS of corrosion products residues activity studies hardness survey and chemical formal report with photographic documentation will be generated completion approximately 15 business days after the test is Section Return Procedure The sample must be received by the third party within 72 hrs after is removed from the sprinkler system Package the failed pipe section 8 24 in length to preserve deposits corrosion sites during shipping Taping plastic bags or duct tape over ends will help retain deposits during shipping Mark the sample with orientation i e top bottom if known Package the pipe section a shipping box using packing materials to ensure the sample is well to prevent being crushed or broken during shipping Complete sample identification of this document and include with pipe return Contact Potter at 800 325 3936 for prepaid shipping information Prepaid sample shipping U S Only Sample identification form Laboratory analysis of returned pipe samples number 1119183 Identification This section MUST be filled out completely and returned with sample Requesting Test State Zip you would like report sent via email Pipe Sample Taken Riser State Zip Information circle one Wet Dry FPS Age Total of Risers Sq Ft approx of Floors Type System Treatment Sample Information sample collected Time in system where obtained collected by description remarks Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 572 3005 Tech Support 866 956 0988 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com 1 OF 1 IN USAMFG 5400613 REV B4 14PIPE FAILURE CORROSION ANALYSISfirealarmresources com

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