Potter PVC-RMI Intelligent Remote Mic

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PVC RMI Remote Mic PVC RMI Remote Mic Interface is mounted in a remote cabinet The PVC RMI expands the ability to and control conventional PVX system functions from multiple remote locations The PVC RMI operates the host for remote PVC SL8 switch banks as well as the PVC IL8 input and PVC OL8 output interface It communicates these functions to the system via the RS 485 interface PVC RMI has an address DIP switch which determines the device address on the RS 485 loop This switch is set between 1 and 31 A maximum of 31 RMI units may be at the last device to mark that device as the of line together SW1 is turned 1 is the Status LED It flashes Green during normal standby condition to show that the device is LED 1 will be Green steady when the Microphone PTT button is engaged and the unit is the audio line LED 1 will flash Amber to indicate a Fault condition on this device 2 is the In Use indicator It will be Red steady when another device is PVX 25 50 100 will always have highest priority It will override any other PVC RMI as long as its MIC is activated If there are multiple RMIs in the system the first to activate its MIC PTT will assert the line When its MIC PTT is released another may activate the audio line The LEDs On the Switch LED card utilized with the PVC RMI LEDs will indicate Steady Red for Paging Red for Alarm Messages will indicate Green on any associated Zone must insure that all wiring and devices installed in system meet the following standards National Electrical Code NFPA 70 NFPA Standard 72 PVC RM8 8 switches PVC RM16 switches Configurations with up to 128 switches available For PVC RM24 PVC RM128 mounting of components will be within a CAB102 with a windowed door is intended to mount within the PVC RM8 16 cabinet on stand offs PVC RMI USE 2 1 active device 1 Board Layout Status flash device active solid unit is asserting the audio line Flash fault In Use Red when line is being asserted an EOL to set as last device to set as last device 1 5 Address Switch 1st device as 2nd as etc Page 4 for Addressing 6 8 Do not Use use only Mic Gain to increase Class B Style 4 Neg 485 485 I2C Port Out Pin Connector to PVC SL8 port socket during fault condition VDC 24V Draw 12mA standby 36.5mA active PVC RMI current consumption is drawn an PVC 100M The current consumption the RMI and the additional intelligent will increase that amplifiers battery draw PVC RMI R3.14 1 of 4 technical assistance please call Phantom Dr St Louis Missouri 63042 2 3 25V 1 3 24VDC Neg 2 PVC RMI detail Power Connection may be powered separately a 24VDC Power Supply Listed to UL2572 or UL1481 Supply must be mounted adjacent to PVX 25 50 100 have Circuit Negative tied common to the PVX 25 50 100 Power connects to PVC RMI not to the PVC 100M All other connections remain the same Supply must be tied to the same AC Branch circuit as PVC 100M Power Limited conductors pairs Wiring on pg 3 SW1 1 ON 2 1 devices may be tied in to the PVC RMI maximum of 16 devices at each location Pin Ribbon cable must be contained within cabinet 2 SW1 last device ON 2 1 number of PVC RMI to be cascaded 31 I5 I6 I7 I8 LED5 LED6 LED7 LED8 Output Card Rev B Rev B 2 3 25V 1 3 Rev B additional units other devices 16 units cascaded 3 connection from PVC 100M PVC SL8 and PVC RMI LEDs On the Switch LED card which may be utilized with the PVC 100M or the PVC RMI Page Switch LEDs will steady Red for Paging flashing Red for Alarm MNS will indicate Green on any associated Zone Any Zone in will indicate Amber used for Message activation will indicate Red for Alarm or for MNS Messages used for Output activation will indicate Red conductors pairs WIRING BELOW 2 1 24VDC Neg Rev B AWG min Pair GUIDE WIRE Ohms WIRE WIRE for 24 VDC pair must be sized to insure no more than a 20 drop in voltage at the last device Addressable Switch Settings 8 8 8 S 8 S 8 S 8 8 S 8 S 8 S 8 S 8 S 8 S 8 S 8 S 8 S 8 S 8 S 8 S

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