Potter RA8F 8 Zone Remote Annunciator

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RA8F ZONE REMOTE ANNUNCIATOR Provides up to 8 zones of annunciation Bi Colored LED s that are automatically red for Alarm and amber supervisory Signal Silenced Buzzer Silenced System Reset and Lamp Test switches Key required for operation per NFPA 72 Up to 3 RA8F per PFC 5004 PFC 5004E or PFC 5008 LED s for AC power Common Trouble and Signal Silenced 35 mA standby current 90 mA maximum Alarm Current Available in red or white Diagram VDC VDC RA8F is a remote annunciator for the PFC 5004 PFC 5004E PFC 5008 conventional fire alarm control panels The RA8F using a RS 485 connection to the main panel to provide indication of AC power Common Trouble and Signal Silence addition the RA8F provides 8 bi colored LED that indicate Red for Alarm condition and Amber for a Supervisory condition common switches are disabled until the key switch is activated common switches when activated will act exactly the same as main fire alarm panel Up to three of the RA8F annunciators may installed on a single fire panel The RA8F mounts on a four gang box and has labels provided for identifying the LED The is available in red or white Setting Switch Settings to three RA8F annunciators can be attached to the PFC 5000 excluding the PFC 5002 The address needs to be set for operation In addition the main FACP must have the switches configured for the number of annunciators attached VDC POWER TO ANNUNCIATOR VDC POWER FROM FIRE ALARM CONTROL OR PREVIOUS ANNUNCIATOR TO NEXT ANNUNCIATOR SHIELDED PAIR FROM FIRE ALARM OR PREVIOUS TWISTED SHIELDED PAIR 202 1 Specification contractor shall furnish and install the RA8F Remote Annunciator indicated on the plans The RA8F shall be used with compatible alarm control panels in particular the four zone and greater PFC series The RA8F shall mount in a four gang box and can be either mounted or flush mounted without any additional accessories fire alarm control panel shall be capable of a maximum of three 3 annunciators The annunciators shall be available in the colors red and white The RA8F shall require 24 VDC power as well as RS 485 connection for communication RA8F shall provide annunciation of AC power with a green Common Trouble and Signal Silenced with an amber LED In all switches shall be disabled until the keyed enable switch activated When the Enable Switch is activated the common shall then be active and capable of controlling the system common switches shall include Buzzer Silence Signal Silence Test and System Reset Electric Signal Co LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 240 1870 Tech Support 866 956 1211 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 8910202 REV A 1 OF 1

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