Potter RA-4410RC Releasing Panel Remote Annunciator

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UL cUL CSFM Listed FM Approved MEA Accepted W x 4 1 2 H x 1 D Approximate steel plate with clear plastic shield protecting zone output identification labels in 4 gang box surface mounting use back box stk 3006401 Specifications use only range 32 to 120 0 to 49 Humidity Requirements 10 mA standby 13 mA alarm 26 mA max lamp test Communication Two wire Shielded cable required drain wire to S terminal on PFC 4410RC Panel only Distance 2000 ft using 22 ga wire and 4000 ft using 20 ga wire to set the address number of that annunciator to allow for by the panel The annunciator shall have indicators for Trouble and Supervisory per zone Output circuits active circuit troubles AC power Power trouble Supervisory Supervisory trouble Abort System trouble Alarm silence fault Abort Pre discharging Discharged In addition to visual indicators there shall also be a buzzer that sounds on any or supervisory condition and a button to test the indicators Up to 4 annunciators can be connected to one PFC 4410RC Rotary switches on panel and annunciator for supervisory purposes Trouble Supervisory buzzer Separate LED for Alarm and Trouble per zone Outputs activated or in trouble Supervisory Abort Supervisory trouble Power trouble System trouble Alarm silence Ground fault Discharging Discharged Lamp test switch Slide in Zone Output identification labels number 3006400 RA 4410RC remote annunciator is designed to operate with the releasing control panel The unit mounts to a 4 gang There are 34 LED to indicate a change in panel status There is buzzer on the annunciator that sounds for any trouble or supervisory Pressing the LAMP TEST button illuminates all of the The release panel supervises and communicates with the via separate connections for the RS 485 communication the 24VDC power requirements of the RA 4410RC Separate should be used for power and communication Shielded cable be used for the communication line Up to four annunciators can connected to one panel A Rotary switch is provided on the panel to how many annunciators are connected Another rotary switch on the annunciator to set the address The annunciators must be consecutively Specifications Annunciator for the extinguishing agent release panel shall be a based device The unit shall require 24vdc operating and a shielded RS 485 connection for communication both by the release panel The annunciator shall have a rotary Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 572 3005 Tech Support 866 956 0988 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com PAGE 1 OF 2 IN USARA 4410RCREMOTE ANNUNCIATOR MFG 5401175 REV E1 16firealarmresources com Main Board VDC SELECTOR SET FOR THE TOTAL OF DEVICES INSTALLED THE RS 485 TERMINALS 1 VDC 2 VDC OHM RESISTOR THE RESISTOR FROM PFC 4410RC AND INSTALL THE LAST DEVICE ONLY THE DRAIN WIRE OF THE SHIELDED TO THE S TERMINAL ON THE PFC 4410RC DO NOT CONNECT THE DRAIN WIRE TO ANY THE DRAIN WIRE MUST MAKE A PATH TO THE LAST ANNUNCIATOR IT IS CUT OFF AND INSULATED ADDRESS SWITCH FIRST DEVICE ADDRESS 1 NOT CONNECT THE SHIELDED CABLE TO NOT CONNECT THE SHIELDED CABLE TO THE REMOTE ANNUNCIATOR ANNUNCIATOR OFF AND ISOLATE THE DRAIN WIRE AT THE LAST DO NOT CONNECT THE DRAIN WIRE TO ANY NOT CONNECT THE SHIELDED CABLE TO REMOTE ANNUNCIATOR NOT CONNECT THE SHIELDED CABLE TO THE ANNUNCIATOR THE RESISTOR ON THE LAST RA 4410RC ONLY 1175 2 ADDRESS SWITCH PAGE 2 OF 2 5401175 REV E1 16PRINTED IN USARA 4410RCREMOTE ANNUNCIATORfirealarmresources com

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