Potter TAM Trouble Annunciator Module

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Fig 1 TAM Module Installation and Connection to PFC 7500 Fire Panel ANNUNCIATOR MODULE Trouble Module SYSTEM OKAY LED Switch TROUBLE LED Sounder Hole Hole of Door sticker Reset Annunciator Sockets for Optional C Outputs on J1 1 COM N O N C COM N O 110 1 TAM Trouble Annunciator Module provides LED annunciation System Okay status and system communication and phone line The TAM easily installs inside the PFC 7500 panel door view system status The TAM also contains a sounder that alerts nearby to communication or processor trouble conditions on the and a Silence switch that allows users to turn off the sounder TAM installs on the inside of the enclosure door remove small and nut from switch Align the three LEDs with the three holes in the panel door shown in the inset in Figure 1 below the two screws through the small holes on the enclosure Tighten the nuts onto each screw to secure the module to the door Afix cover label and attach switch nut securing the module to the door connect to the panel using the 4 wire harness as shown in Figure 1 And Sounder Operation Okay LED Green LED on the TAM is on when both phone lines are normal the panel processor is operating properly button pressing the Silence button the panel silences the Bell output terminal 5 and momentarily drops power to the auxiliary PFC 7501 terminal 6 the TAM Trouble Annunciator Module zones 2 to 5 Additionally any Fire or Supervisory event displays the keypads are also cleared trouble either phone line connected to the panel is in a bad condition or if the has failed ten attempts to communicate with the central station TAM emits a steady audible alert and turns on the Yellow LED The switch can be used to turn off the sounder but not the LED processor failure a processor failure on the panel the TAM emits a steady alert and turns on the Yellow LED The sounder cannot be when a processor failure occurs Electric Signal Co LLC St Louis MO Cust Service 866 240 1870 Tech Support 866 956 1211 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 8900110 REV C 1 OF 1

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