Potter TTS Series Tank Temperature Switch

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TTS TEMPERATURE SWITCH UL and CSFM Listed FM Approved and NYMEA Accepted 1 2 DIA x 17 1 2 L DIA x 445mm L Information Number steel wood Number Flange Nut Model TTS is a water tank temperature supervisory switch preset give a low temperature signal at 40 and a high temperature at 140 It is UL Listed and FM Approved bi metal thermostat is used for low temperature sensing and a bi metal for high temperature sensing A diode is used in this unit as a aid When the polarity of DC current is reversed at the feed wires a TTS the diode in the circuit prevents the ow of current proving the of a short circuit fault in the wiring or the device itself test for a short or open in the TTS connect an ohmmeter across white and black TTS leads With the meter connected positive to and negative to black the meter will read continuity about 1 meg With the meter connected reverse polarity the meter will read If using the diode tester setting on the meter the meter will read observing polarity and open with reverse polarity test the thermostat the device must be exposed to temperatures of and 140 The appropriate thermostat will open creating an open regardless of polarity TTS is normally closed device that opens when the probe is to the operating temperature of the thermostats The device is sensitive The positive leg of the initiating device circuit must connected to the white wire lead The negative leg of the initiating circuit must be connected to the black wire lead the TTS is the last or only device on the initiating circuit the EOLR be wired in series with the TTS It can be wired in series with either black or white wire 15 Amp at 115 VDC TTS tank temperature switch is supplied with a one inch pipe thread steel tanks Model TTS S or with a buttress thread for wood tanks TTS W buttress thread nut and gasket are available for use with the TTS W installations where the inside of the tank is accessible and it is not to weld a ange on the tank nut and gasket can also be used on a wood tank which is not sound to hold a thread see Fig 1 Locate the switch at a point 24 below the required water level of the tank steel tanks weld in a No 282 1 pipe ange or drill and tap tank to the one inch pipe thread of the bushing see Fig 2 wood tanks drill a 1 3 16 30mm hole in the center of a stave and the bushing into the tank allowing the buttress bushing to cut its thread see Fig 3 1 TTS W Wood or Steel Fig 2 TTS S Steel WALL 1 3 8 35mm HOLE OR STEEL WALL 25mm STANDARD THREAD 25mm PIPE 282 1 674 1 1 2 674 3 1 2 Electric Signal Company LLC 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 5400674 REV M 1 OF 2 TEMPERATURE SWITCH 3 TTS W Wood Fig 4 TTS S Simpli ed Schematic THERMOSTAT CLOSED OPENING 1 2 674 2 THERMOSTAT CLOSED Observe lead polarity for use in normally closed circuit THERMOSTAT CLOSED THERMOSTAT CLOSED Observe lead polarity for use in normally open circuit 674 4 674 5 IN USA 5400674 REV M 2 OF 2

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